Resolved: significant improvement in performance

Continuing the discussion from Announcement: Update to Database:

Hey Tim, it seems like today’s announcement contradicts your statement above, (just a little). Have the “incoming” scheduler changes been implemented or do you have any updates for us?

No, but they are two different things. Kind of… It’s a little bit of semantics, but, this was causing scheduler errors, not scheduler failures.

The scheduler errors have been largely reduced now. Scheduler failures will be resolved with the incoming change.

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So, if we are going to talk semantics. If the scheduler failures still haven’t been fixed, how can the Platform Status be set to green (Operational)? Shouldn’t it still be degraded?


So let me get this straight an error is not a FAILURE, or a failure is not an ERROR? Wait what?

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Like I have said here many times, this was one piece of the puzzle. More to come.



Don’t you just love being the messenger?

We are all hoping the next update will be the tipping point where things get better.


I will admit I’ve seen some improvement… But at the same time there is also backwards movement.

I have to say this…

  1. The forum has taken on an aire of extreme negativity


  1. it’s a really bad thing that when an update is announced the feeling is more of “what’s going to stop working now” instead of “awesome! I wonder what’s new and wonderful”.

For a variety of damn good reasons.


For me personally, the #1 reason is loss of credibility. I told some ST folks several times that no matter how good your intentions are and how much you believe in it, you just can’t keep promising stuff and keep failing to deliver. Eventually, people will just stop trusting you. Who’s to blame that “in a few weeks” has become SmartThings tag line?


I love the title of this thread Glad to see they took care of that damned “significant improvement in performance” and got us back to being all messed up again

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