Stability & Performance: Thank you!


The forums, especially during the last part of 2015 and earlier this year were full of frustration sprinkled with some hope. I spent many hours resetting devices, my hub, and tweaking my configuration so I could “get by.”

I will say, over the last week, I have had more stability than I have had since the migration to version two. Even with the withdraw of support for Rule Machine, it and the rest of the scheduled actions (Ticker appears to have helped) are working flawlessly.

As someone who was previously very frustrated, I would like to at least thank @slagle and the team for some hard work. My next hope is that you can bring back @bravenel and his Rule Machine expertise. I am optimistic that we’re past the worst of it.

For those of you still struggling, I am hoping that it gets better. After a WAF below 0, we are now in positive territory. Hang in there!




Things are good here.

My hope is not that my system performs better per say, but that those that are less patient than me have solid performance.

I have to say it appears that Ecobee integration has improved dramatically.


I would just like to say… My light came on!

Not sure what happened to the one next to it… But PROGRESS! !


But seriously… I agree with the OP

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Here Here, things are very good on my end. I have about 25 rules (RM) and nothing in SHM or other SmartApps

Although less enthused at this time to try new things w/o RM :unamused:

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I’m with you… things have been doing almost too good now the past week and it has been really nice to be able to trust turning on the Siren again. The only thing lacking that I have found is @RBoy Lock Multi User Management smartapp isn’t able to reliably disable/enable the AutoLock on my Schlage via Rule Machine custom rule. It is hit and miss over the last two weeks but I it isn’t a big deal and in fact I could dump this automation Rule totally and not miss a thing.


Thanks all! Glad to see our hard work is paying off.

We’re far from done though!


Same here, AND I am being very mean to Smart Lighting app (since I migrated my Rules to it). Have 38 instances and using sunset/sunrise very heavily without offset and it didn’t blink* once for a week now!

*I had two issues but that could be attributed to user stepping on bugs during set up, so I disregard those (plus that may get fixed today, is that fair, Tim @slagle ):slight_smile:


Well, @slagle y’all need to stop this hard work. My system keeps getting mite stable and reliable and I’m getting bored with it…

That means I’m going to have to buy more stuff… And the wife is gonna be pissed…


Thanks for the encouraging words. We still have a long ways to go, but we’re focused on making improvements every single week. I plan to post a deeper weekly progress update as I committed to last week, with the next big post coming later today to be very transparent about the specific steps we are taking.



Thank you guys. Things are way better for sure. Even my hub reconnected back to Internet after an outage. Supports also did a great job. Didn’t even know they are working on weekend. I got a reply back within 20mins on Saturday afternoon.

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When that last meltdown happened, it took a while for my stuff to go. I thought I was lucking out… but then it got me, HARD. Everything went kaput, nothing worked.

I am quite pleased to say that, right now, everything is working. I don’t have a whole lot, but I really need the system to work. I think I’m at 3 full days now of everything I have set up just working.

So thanks for getting me back to where I was and I’ll be happy to see what is coming!

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I’ve had the same experience @dalec

Lately my doors have been hit or miss with auto-lock at my specified 5 min.

This is different than your experience in that yours is RM integrated.

I’m thinking about making auto-lock rule in RM so I can specify when to do so vs. when not to more granularity.

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LOL, geez, I hope my wife reads your post . . . .

she’ll see that I am not that different . . . and she is not alone :grin:


I have about 35 devices and all appears stable. Lights are turning on/off when expected, and my doors/locks are functioning perfectly. I use 13 rules in RM and no issues there either!

If we can just bring the Lyric Tstat back online, as I use that in coordination with 8 Keen Vents and @yvesracine room schedule app, I would be thrilled.

Even my wife is now starting to like the system… Now that is progress!

Great work by the ST team.

I had two garage lights and a sidewalk light that would not turn off reliably. After the update I have had 100% success with the schedule and triggering of the lights.
Thank you!

Aside of 3 minor problems prior to the recent update that remain unresolved, my system was rather stable. Yesterday afternoon, problems began with Smart Lighting smartapp. I now have two rooms where this smartapp is NOT working in addition to the aforementioned problems. So my system got worse with the update :weary: