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Resetting Z-Wave

Is there a way to reset the Z-Wave radio if one has too many ghosts in a system and cannot clean them all? (Of course, without waiting for support and without resetting the entire hub, just the Z-Wave)

@JDRoberts , @Brad_ST

Technically yes, we have some options there but I would recommend at least trying to clear out the ghosts first. Do you have a list of nodes/DNIs that need to be deleted?


Thanks. So basically, no, then? There isn’t a way to just delete the Z-Wave routing table and start over without also deleting the Zigbee table and everything else on the hub?

Sorry for the confusion. Yes we can send a command to the hub to reset Z-Wave but as you probably know, that means you’ll need to exclude and re-add all of your Z-Wave devices.

I just want to cause you the least pain possible. So if we can get things into a better state by zapping those ghosts, I’d recommend starting with that first.


How do we do it at our end? If we can do it ourselves it will save a lot of aggravation.
I had to call support twice yesterday. First one that answered didn’t know what I was talking about and refused to go any further in troubleshooting it until I take out batteries from the hub even thought I told her that there are no batteries inside for I never installed them. Second person at least took notes and open a ticket for me.


How many ghosts do you have?



For 3 I wouldn’t reset the radio (unless you have 4 Z-Wave devices in total) :smile: . Create virtual devices for those ids, pick a generic Z-Wave type, then go to the Classic app and remove them. DO NOT remove from ide, must do it from the app.

After removal, look in the hub’s events log to confirm that the ghosts were removed (refresh the page after each device). Run a repair afterwards.

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Force deleting the nodes requires intervention from someone from support.

Are you still seeing the ghost nodes?

No. Took care of it myself.