Requesting Feature enhancement for Light Turn On or Off Schedule

I believe I have found a valid feature enhancement to the Light Turn On or Off Schedule feature that should be implemented as it is a very common feature in numerous other automation solutions.

When using Turn on/off at Sunrise/Sunset there is no capability to offset X amount of time prior or after the Sunrise/Sunset event. It would be very helpful to define an offset which can help turn the lights on X amount prior to sunset when the house starts getting dark, as well as, turn the lights off X amount of time after sunrise when the house is still dark. Various other automation solutions already have this capability built in.


Agreed. My wife is always complaining that the living room gets too dark before the light comes on. I am using a smart app that turns it on 30 mins before sunset now. I forgot the name of it but if you browse around, you will find it. Should be native though.

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Thanks for the quick responses, everyone ( @Mbhforum and @scottinpollock ) . Looks like this action will hold me over for now, but really simple features like this should be built in to the default actions to allow cleaner flow of defined rules.

I think the biggest challenge with ST is I want to go rule crazy and automate the hell out of my place, which is easy for me to implement, but trying to remember where I setup the option and validate I did not define something conflicting, I have to jump all around in the interface, as well as, good luck anyone else figuring out what I setup without reviewing every configuration I have defined.

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Yup. I’d love to both 1) be able to specify the offset for sunset/sunrise and 2) be able to review the physical graph decorated with all the SmartApps I’ve installed. Actually, the IDE already has something that almost looks like what I want, it just needs a bit more interactivity and search.

I completely agree. As you add more things, it becomes cumbersome to have to check each one and see all actions associated with it. There needs to be a better way to “surface” this information AND there needs to be a “conflict checker” that checks for rules that may overlap one another for the same device or group of devices.


The sunrise / sunset SmartApp has the ability to set offsets (which is very useful). I would like to see this same additional control in the sunrise and sunset options in Actions.

Resurrecting this. Can someone make this happen?

I’m using the Sunrise/Sunset app, and in particular, I can’t set the light level (without using a different app). This should all be together in my opinion, in the action.

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I have tried to set turn on at sunset for my front entrance light combined with a scheduled turn off at 11:00 pm. Doesn’t seem that scheduled times can be mixed with sunset/sunrise events? The sunset turn on worked OK but the scheduled turn off was inoperative.

Once I’ve entered a specific trigger time for a light through the regular mobile app, i don’t seem to be able to get rid of it again. I can change it to a different time, but I can’t go back to original state of time left unspecified. Is there a trick to this? (IOS if it matters.)