Req: notify if light left on for more than x seconds

Req: notify if light left on for more than x seconds


It seems that using built in smart lighting and shm I can setup notification for doors left open; but I do not know how to setup notification for lights left on.

Anyone know how to do this?

Thanks in advance

Not sure what kind of “lights” you are using (probably sockets ? ))… there is a generic ST App - Energy management for POWER meter if you are using those? Quick easy if you are.

Not energy meter sockets.

Regular zwave wired light switches, like a GE zwave light switch.

Example, if a light was left on for 2 hours, send notification.

I have this setup for the garage door, left open for more than 1/2 hour, send notification.

That is a great idea. I have 2 switches that get left on all of the time.

If you use CoRE you can write a piston that will do anything you want if Light “X” stays on for a specified length of time - send a notification, automatically turn it off, whatever. I have a hallway light that turns on automatically with a motion sensor and then turns off automatically after 10 minutes. Similarly, a closet light that turns on automatically when the door opens and off automatically after 5 minutes even if the door hasn’t closed.

Can someone help with an example with core?

I am looking at a then action and see control actions, but I am not seeing notification options


I think you need to enable advanced options for that.

CORE has its own peer assistance thread. If you ask there, I’m sure someone will help you. :sunglasses: