Report Locked Unlocked Status Larson Storm Door 3-Point Lock

I don’t believe there’s an automated lock solution for a 3-Point Lock Storm door since it’s a bit more complex than a deadbolt, so aside from that, I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to report the status of the existing lock.
I thought maybe there was a type of contact sensor available that could be triggered some how when the claw on the three point lock system were engaged or maybe a sensor that could report the vertical/horizontal position of the lock/knob?

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I think this sensitive strip z-wave plus sensor would do the trick. I have one of the door have the same locking mechanism and will do something similar this summer.

How would this determine whether or not the multipoint latch is engaged? The door lock/handle whether or not is in the upright stage doesnt matter as it locks when engaged up but than resets back to the middle whether or not the door is fully locked.

@johnconstantelo did something like this for a deadbolt. That and some other options are discussed in the following thread (along with some pictures). Just be aware that the thingshield is no longer available, but that’s only one of several options discussed.

I think the idea behind the suggestion of the sensative strip is that the magnet part is very small, and you might be able to put that on the moving part of the lock and then just put the long strip where you want the contact to be made. The strips can be painted, so they can be almost invisible on the door. It just depends if there’s enough space for the long piece.

With any two piece reed sensor. You can substitute any magnet you want for the magnet piece, it just has to be strong enough to move the reed in the other piece. So there are some options if you want to try to hide the magnet in some way.

Some people don’t care as much about the aesthetics and just want the result. Here’s one project report from a member who wanted a laundry alert based on the position of the rotary dial on the front of the machine. Again, a similar idea.

So that kind of approach might be possible, it just depends on exactly what there’s space for at the point where the bolt engages. But you’d have to be getting inside the door and it could get tricky.

I have three of the strips and I have been struggling with a solution for multipoint lockset doors. So I am highly interested in alternative approaches. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I will settle for monitoring for now if I can get that at least. I was hoping Yale would come out with a multipoint lock for the US market as they only offer something for UK and I am in the US.

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It’s going to depend a great deal on the exact design of the multipoint lock. If it’s something like this:

You probably only need to create a contact point for the longest bolt. So the idea is to put a tiny but strong magnet on the end of the bolt and bury the sensor piece inside the door frame or the wall so that the magnet will come into range when the bolt is fully extended.

Tricky, but not impossible. But it does depend very much on the local architecture. Also remember you’ll need access to change the battery on most sensors, but again, not on the sensative strip since it has a 10 year battery.

An easier option might be to get a Dana retrofit lock. There are versions compatible with smartthings for the US and well you will have to drill some new holes, it can be made to fit several different multipoint models.

Kwikset has also been promising a similar retrofit design for the US for release in a few months. AlThough theirs is bigger and may not fit as many locks.

With this style, the smart piece fits over the existing handle and turns it just as a human hand would.

( The August lock is similar, but doesn’t integrate with SmartThings.)

So it’s something to consider. Make sure you look at zwave versions, though, not Bluetooth, if you want it to work with SmartThings.

The Larson storm door lock is a two step process however.
1 rotate door handle up and hold, then
2 rotate dead bolt knob to lock

Then it won’t work. It might be possible to replace that multipoint lock with a different multipoint lock that would work with one of the retrofit locks, but now you’re really getting expensive. :disappointed_relieved:

The sensible strip should work. The idea is stick the big part on the door Frame and the little magnet part on the cylinder end. When the cylinder is locked. You will see open on the sensible strip but you could change the code to flip the logic. I have this same locking system and it’s the only sensor out there that will give you a clean look. I will try this but not until July unfortunately.

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