Replacing light switch. Which model?

I am really leaning towards just getting a smartthings compatible switch to work with my bedroom lights.
First of all I have a ceiling fan with a 4 bulb fixture. I also have 4 recessed light sin that room. Each of the 4 is controlled by it’s own switch, no other switches in the room control the lights.

I am lost as to what would be the options. I assume I will need two switches?? It would be nice to have the fan controlled though ST but that wouldn’t be the main priority.

Can someone help me out with whatever they use and tell me the best route to go?


I have a similar setup in my bedroom. I did a Hue install throughout most of my house before I introduced ST, so that history plays into my results more than any comprehensive planning.

My lights on my fan are all Hues, and I control them using a Hue Remote on the wall next to the existing outlet. The existing outlet switch is blocked using a plastic switch guard, so the power is always on (the switch remains accessible from one side, if needed). The Hues are now also controlled via ST, thanks to the integration between the ST Hub and the Hue Bridge. This setup seems to work well for me, and it allows me to use the Hue’s “Wakup” routine to control the lighting colors and brightness. I find this preferable to any ST SmartApp for gentle/light-based wakups.

Now in other rooms, I have GE ZWave In-Wall Switches and Dimmers. The dimmer in the bathroom is nice, but it has a really slow ramp up. The switches have a fractional second delay, which is fine.

I don’t have any fan control switches, so sorry, can’t share experience there.

I would say that for bedroom applications, I’ve found the Hues to be very nice. In the mornings, the wake up routine is wonderful, and the daylight temps are great for actively working around the house. When it’s time to settle down, warming up the lights and dimming some makes it easier to relax. And experimenting with other lighting for whatever else might happen in the bedroom can be fun and playful.

TL;DR Maybe try a smart fan controller for your fan, but consider color changing bulbs for other bedroom lighting. Hue LiFX are both good choices.

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Fans with their own lights are a whole separate issue and much discussed in the forum. I’m tired today, so I will leave that to others to discuss. But you can check the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki, look in the project reports section, and there is a list for HVAC projects including fans that has several threads that you should find helpful.

For the switch for the recessed lights, the following topic discusses the various features the different models might have. The light switch discussion starts around post 35.

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Thanks. It happens a lot. I started a new physical therapy routine about six weeks ago to address foot and ankle contractures and it’s wearing me out. I only mention it when I’m probably not going to be able to answer follow up questions in an active thread.

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Thanks all.

I’ve considered the hue but 4 regular bulbs plus 4 of the recessed bulbs is alot of $$$. I figured the switches would be better for my setup. One reason is I light bright lights and I thought the Hue bulbs were all “soft white”. Maybe I’m wrong. As far as using it to wake up to, I actually like that idea but my wife and I occasionally wake at different times. So, if I forgot to disable it and had the room slowly getting brighter that might not go over so well.

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The current gen are 800 lumens max, which is 60W equivalent. In a fan array of 3 or 4, I find them plenty bright. In a single bulb table lamp, they are a less punchy. Re soft light, the temperature can be changed.

I have a mixed setup. In the bathroom, I like the incandescent lights, and I can dim them all using one smart dimmer. No need/desire for color changing there. In the bedroom, I replaced the ceiling fan lights only with Hue. There are some other lights, like maybe your can lights, that maybe are better on a smart switch/dimmer.

At lot of this is going to be your personal preference, price aversion, and availability. I like the GE switches because they are cheap-ish and readily available.

Also, is your fan on the same switch branch as the fan lights? Or separate branch? If they are on the same, then you’re pretty much limited to an on/off switch for a smart switch-- no dimmer or fan speed control.

I assume that this means one switch for the fan lights, one switch for recessed lights? If so, then yes you’ll need two switches as they are likely powered off different lines. But regardless would you really want them all controlled by one switch? Plus you would have a 2 gang box with only one switch in it or an empty gang box. I use GE switches, I have 12 installed, 8 of the 12 are as 3-way. Never an issue with ST and good repeaters. Before you buy, open your box and check that the neutral wires are ganged in there. Without neutral no smart switches will work.

Basically what JD said but I’ll summarize what I found doing the identical research: unless the fan itself is “smart” you can’t control it. Likely you have a remote or pull chains at the least, assuming you mean to control the fan on/off/speed. Since you indicated there are only 2 switches, and one is for fan lights I also assume that switch controls the fan and you can only turn it on/off via remote or pull chain. The only thing I can think of to allow on/off (not speed control) of the fan itself is another wire run, but that’s major work. But I recommend you look at what others who actually have tried this are saying in the places JD referenced. Good luck!

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