Replacing 3 switches that control one light

So my stairway light has 3 switches that control it. I’m aware I will need one 4 way and two 3 way smart switches for it but does anyone have any recommendations on which ones I should buy?

Different manufacturers do it different ways. Some, like GE and Leviton, you buy a “master” switch which controls the power to the light and radio communication to the hub, and then buy add-on switches that talk to the master switch. Other brands, like Zooz, you buy one switch and it works with the other “dumb” switches on the circuit.


There are new Innovelli switches to be released in the next couple months that dont require the “Aux” switch switch I believe. I have the old 3 way version with a dumb switch and works fine.

I also have GE switches that require aux… They are just expensive to buy multiple switches.

There are many different ways to wire 4-way installations so depending on what you already have in the boxes, different brands and models may work better for you. It’s important to looks for things like neutral wire in the box (usually a white bundle in the back of the box) and where load and power comes in.
Feel free to get in touch with our support with images of the wiring and we’ll be happy to review them so we can make the best recommendation for your scenario.

Get in touch with about their Zooz switches. They’ve got some great options…

You should be able to keep 2 of your regular switches, and 1 of the smart switches, the wiring is where it gets funky… They can help you out!

You may want to consider using a smart relay that tucks in the back of the box. You can then just use the existing wires and “logic” of the switches you have as wired input to the relay. Properly done you get the smart light control with the existing 3 or 4 way switch control.
Qubino makes good ones.

I have 8 of these and have had no problems (make sure you put some tape over those screws):

I use them with the standard Smarthings Zwave Relay Device handler.