Can I replace this 3 lights switch with a Zwave one controlled by Smart Things?

Hi! Im in a new appartment and I want to introduce my self into the home automation world. I just bought the ST hub, and now Im buying accesories. I have found one problem: All of my light switches has 2 or three buttons, and controls 2 or 3 different lights respectevely independently. All I have seen are single button Zwave switchs. Is there any that can control 3 or 2 lights? Or I have to buy 3 independent switches?


I am not aware of any zwave with multiple switches, but you should check these out:

I haven’t gotten any yet, but from what I understand, they should work with your existing switches.

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These are great but fitting one in a single gang box can be difficult, never mind trying to fit 3. I would suggest just using smart bulbs and leave the switches on. After all if you are in an apartment you might not want to go messing with the switches.

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In the US leases often prohibit making any wiring changes, even replacing a switch, without landlord approval and in some cases they want their electrician to do it. Often for insurance reasons.

If you need the change due to a disability, you can likely request it as a “reasonable accommodation,” but they can still industry their electrician do it and charge you a fee for doing so.

Be aware that although GE does make a multiplex zwave switch with 4 rockers, people have had a lot of trouble getting it to work with smart things. This is the 45631. Search the forums for discussion of it before purchasing even if you do get landlord approval.

The Aeon Minimote does work really well as a button controller for ST, but may not have the form factor you want, it basically looks like a tiny remote.