Replacement GE Zigbee Switch shows up at "Thing"

Hi All,

I had my very first GE Zigbee Switch fail after about 3 years of use. I just replaced it with a new one and did the discovery for it. What’s weird is that the switch shows up as a “Thing” and wasnt discovered as a GE Switch. Any ideas why? I have about a dozen of these in my house and they all were discovered and work fine. This new switch works just fine but it but didn’t get discovered correctly. Thoughts?

I had the same thing happen recently. Put in two GE Zigbee 3.0 switches and one dimmer.

Two of the three were discovered as Thing.

Easy to fix in the IDE.

I have no idea how to do that. Any guidance would be great.

Google is my friend. Figured it out. Thanks Hal!

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