Replacement for three switches in an electrical box?

OK, in that case by far the easiest way to do this will be to put smart bulbs in each of the lighting locations and then just use a battery operated switch on the wall. :sunglasses:

If it were me, I would put a small hinged box over the existing switches so you could access them if your home automation system wasn’t working. Then you could mount the battery operated switch on top of that. But some people prefer to remove the existing switch and put a blank plate over it because they prefer the look of it. That’s up to you.

For example, you might look at the Aeotec wallmote quad, which has four buttons, each of which can be tap or long hold, which give you on and off for four different buttons. The aeotec device sends a message to the hub and then the hub sends a message to the smart bulbs.

There’s a good DTH for it here:

[OBSOLETE] Aeon WallMote Dual & Quad - 2 & 4 Button

It is Zwave, so make sure you get the frequency that exactly matches your hub.

Another Z wave device that a lot of people like is the Nexia NX1000. The price is going up since it was first introduced and now it’s usually $99, but it does have five buttons.


The remotec 90 is usually about half that, and is available on either the US or UK zwave frequency. It has eight buttons, and each can be tapped, double tap, or long hold, so you get 24 functions altogether. So it’s another popular choice.


Anyway, all of these and more are discussed in the buttons FAQ. Just read the descriptions carefully, as some are battery-operated and some are mains powered.

In all cases to make this work you need to have a smart bulb in the fixture. So pressing the button on the wall sends the message to the hub, then the hub sends the message to the smart bulb. But it’s a good no wiring solution. :sunglasses: