Duplicate Philips Hue devices won't go away

I recently had to rebuild my smartthings hub nearly from scratch after my v2 hub died suddenly. I got everything back together over the long weekend and for the most part my system is better than ever, except one nagging issue.

I have 2 sets of every hue device in smartthings. One seems to be coming from the hue hub integration, all lights show up as lights and work perfectly, the other I’m not sure about. I had to use the new smartthings app to get hue working, and it did not go as smoothly as I recall setting it up years ago on my v2. There were two options, hue with smartthings and hue without smartthings. It’s unclear what either option actually means.

Anyhow, the other set of hue devices show up at switches and all report as unavailable, I’ve deleted them from the new app and the IDE and they always come back after a day.

They’re either auto discovered in the new app or found immediately if I go to add a device in the classic app.

They’re labeled as a placeholder in the IDE and located in the cloud, the working set of hue devices show up as local.

This is driving me nuts, I can’t figure out what is adding them, whether it’s an integration or a problem with Hue.

Anyone else come across this? Searching hasn’t been much help.

They are double because you have integrated them twice. Once using the with hub option, which integrates locally over your LAN. And a second time using the without hub option, which integrates them cloud to cloud. You need to figure out a way to delete Hue from your connected services and then delete the cloud devices.

I sort of assumed as much, but I can’t figure out where to remove the cloud integration, it’s not in either app, the IDE or the hue app so far as I can tell.

The cloud-to-cloud (hubless) connection can be reset under “Connected services”. From the overflow menu, tap the gear icon to get to Settings and then you should see Connected services. Tap on Philips hue and then Delete.

I believe you could also remove the integration from https://account.meethue.com/apps.

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After finding the explanation of what connecting without a smartthings hub actually means, I decided to login to my hue account through their website,. There I found an option under apps to deactivate smartthings cloud integration.

I’ve done that, and deleted all the devices again and so far so good


Which one would u delete I have several different ones

Hello, I have may options, witch one must I delete??? SmartThings, hue Android app??? I dont see hub


I have other problem, now on actiontiles the bulb dosnt show the color ( if I connect with lan) if I connect cloud-cloud yes show the color BUTTTTT on smartthing if I use hue app to off the lamp the smartthing app dosnt refresh status…


Amazingly, this continues to be a problem a year after first being raised, so I thought I’d post my solution here to force delete a Hue Hub LAN device. Trying to delete through the IDE didn’t work no matter what I did, and deleting the individual Hue devices would just cause them to be recreated within a few seconds of being deleted.

The solution is to ‘edit’ the Hue Hub device from the IDE, and change the device type to anything else other than Hue Hub (I also changed the name & network ID, but don’t think this mattered).

Once the device type is changed, you can delete it, and in one fell swoop all of the stubborn Hue devices are removed as well.