Replace Hub/Hub Migration Tool

Thanks for the feedback here! I think many people would like to see how this runs in practise.
If I could ask, how many drivers did you have?


I only had a few channels, and interestingly enough I’ve gone back to stock for most after the upgrade; some things that didn’t work well on the V2 hub with stock are working well now. In particular my dual relay switches needed a third party driver but now are great with stock. I think my only custom right now is the virtual edge so I can have a switch trigger routines.

The Samsung button started working today too.

Another nice surprise is how much faster everything works than before. My nighttime routine was taking 30s to a minute… now everything finishes up in maybe 10s.


Example of the missing channel issue:

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So did you have to reload your Edge channels - Uninstall and reinstall?

I think this is because you subscribe a specific individual hub to a channel, and that information is kept in the channel. So it doesn’t know about your new hub. :thinking:

I’ve not bothered to restore channels I lost, just added some others. I’ll probably hunt down and add the lost channels if I ever have issues


Hi, I appreciate you documenting your migration experiences. I am intending migrating a hub v2 to v3 and would be interested to know if the manual and automatic routines successfully migrated for you. It seems to me the device Id for each of the devices currently registered to the v2 hub is unique to that hub, so would change with the v3 hub and therefore compromise the routines. Did you experience this? Thanks.

To answer directly: My routines worked 100% after the migration without me touching them.

Deeper answer:
I happened to save a spreadsheet export of Groovy a while back so I have IDs from my old hub / configuration. I’ve looked and it appears that most of my Device Network IDs stayed the same. At least a few aren’t the same (could be driver changes or me removing/readding) but I think those changes are a direct result of my tinkering.

Do you use Sharptools? if so, did your Sharptools configuation connect seamlessly with the new hub?

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Fantastic, thanks for the response and diligence.

I use Sharptools. All of my automations there continued to work after I used Hub Replace.


Yeah, that’s what I found as well. I went ahead and bit the bullet that night and it transferred seamlessly. I don’t know if it was this thread or another but I had reported success but some other issues I was trying to rectify remained, so that continued issue got broken off into a new thread along with my reported success.

So, 2 confirmations that Sharptools dashboards and rules remain functional without any user intervention on a Hub Replace.