Replace CraftMade FT-7077-9 with Something Smart

I have a CraftMade FT-7077-9 controller for my fan. Currently it allows lights on/off, adjustable speed, and reverse functionality of the fan. It only has two wires going to it. My question is there something smart I can replace it with or am I going to have to replace the fan? I assume since there is only two wires, there has to be a module on the other side. The challenge is the ceiling is about 20’ up.

There is no remote. It’s a switch built into the wall. I assume there is something up in the fan, but it’s mounted on a 20ft ceiling and not easily accessible.

The model is FT-7077-9. It’s no longer on craftmade’s website. They appear to have newer models. Here is one that looks similar.

Yes, there are only two wires going into the device which leads me to believe there must be a remote unit somewhere in the fan? The only problem is the fan is 20ft up so it’s not easily accessible.

Did you come up with any ideas? I have the same remotes and hate them.