Replace CraftMade FT-7077-9 with Something Smart

(William Butler) #1

I have a CraftMade FT-7077-9 controller for my fan. Currently it allows lights on/off, adjustable speed, and reverse functionality of the fan. It only has two wires going to it. My question is there something smart I can replace it with or am I going to have to replace the fan? I assume since there is only two wires, there has to be a module on the other side. The challenge is the ceiling is about 20’ up.

(Robin) #2

I’m assuming your craftmade fan is IR remote controlled?

The two wires going to the fan will just be live and neutral.

For safety reasons I would imagine the fan and light defult to off after a power failure, rather than memorising the last setting?.. Might me worth a test though.

If you are happy to use just one setting (i.e. Fan on full speed and light on) and the unit happens to remember it’s last settings; then consider using a simple z-wave relay / switch on the power supply.

If you want full functionality you could consider getting a ST comparable IR transmitter to replicate your existing remote control.

Something like iTach or Logitech Harmony would do the trick, just make sure you choose one with a learning capacity (IR receiver as well as the transmitter).

There are plenty of threads on here with guidance and advise on both iTach and Harmony.

There was a Kickstarter campaign that failed to reach its funding target (yesterday) called Remotsy… Would have been a great option for you, but never mind!

At some point I’m sure @JDRoberts will post some handy links for other alternatives. :sunglasses:

(William Butler) #3

There is no remote. It’s a switch built into the wall. I assume there is something up in the fan, but it’s mounted on a 20ft ceiling and not easily accessible.

(Robin) #4

What type of switch in the wall?

Normal toggle switch or specialist switch for the fan?

(William Butler) #5

The model is FT-7077-9. It’s no longer on craftmade’s website. They appear to have newer models. Here is one that looks similar.

(Robin) #6

Have a look behind the switch, you’ll need to hot wire into the on/off switch at the bottom.

(William Butler) #7

Yes, there are only two wires going into the device which leads me to believe there must be a remote unit somewhere in the fan? The only problem is the fan is 20ft up so it’s not easily accessible.

(Andrew) #8

Did you come up with any ideas? I have the same remotes and hate them.