Remote controlled fans

Just bought a new house. Some of the fans that also have lights are wired on/off and then only controlled by a handheld remote. The remote controls the fan speed and light.

What are my options to try to make the fan and light separate wall switches? Besides getting a new fan. Or running another wire from the fan into the box? Any work arounds?

See the FAQ. (It says Alexa in the title, but it applies whether you are using a voice assistant or not.)

Since you already have a remote, option 5, the bond, may be the easiest. It will depend on the exact model of your fan. But there are a number of different options detailed there. :sunglasses:

FAQ: 2020 Ceiling Fan and Dimmer light wall mount control compatible with SmartThings and Alexa?

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I’ve done this two different ways:

There used to be a kit for hunter fans and you could train bond to work with it. I used this in my apartment for 3 fans and it worked great. The controllers were very reliable.

When I moved into a larger house, I had more fans than bond could handle (i think it cand do 6 max). I wasn’t interested in a second bond so I sought an alternative.

I found some dirt cheap controllers on Amazon that works with Smart Life/Tuya. The setup was a little jenky for each but they’ve been reliable for over a year now and have never had a problem with them not responding or controlling another fans frequency (sometimes happens with bond).

Smart life works with SmartThings but the fans aren’t a direct integration yet. I run everything for the fans through Alexa and it works fine. I guess you could make a series of virtual switches to make it work in ST but that just doesn’t seem like it’s worth it when the alexa/smart life integration for the fans works pretty well on it’s own and my fans are all pretty well automated.

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