Replace button?

So I’ve noticed that there is a ‘replace’ option now with devices in SmartThings. I have an actual SmartThings multi-purpose sensor that is not unreliable due to the horrible design flaw of the battery clip inside. Apparently I accidentally pulled back on that clip too hard when replacing the battery last time and now the sensor doesn’t work reliably at all. So I bought a Lowes Iris Open/Close sensor, and I would love to ‘replace’ the current sensor with it as I have tons of webCoRE pistons, SHM, etc, all tied to that sensor. It will be a nightmare to remove and re-add everything. Is that the idea behind the ‘replace’ button? If so, what is the proper process to ‘replace’? Thanks!

There’s a replace button on a zigbee device in the SmartThings mobile app? Can you show us a screenshot? Normally that’s only for Z wave devices.