Open a External Electric Analog Lock Door?


I need to open an external door that has an older eletrical 12v lock that opens with an on/off analog Doorbell. I want to install Ring Doorbell and when someone calls I could open the door remotely activating an smart switch on/off that’s works with Samsung SamartThings.



Sure, people have done this in the past when they live in an apartment building and there’s a buzzer they need to use to let someone in. You will need to wire an additional device into The circuit so it depends on if you live in a building where you will be allowed to do that.

Here’s one example (the topic title as a clickable link):

If you are not allowed to add something to the wiring, then there are automatic button pushers, essentially a robot finger, that you can add inside your own space that will push the button of the existing system. If you are interested in that approach, let us know and I’ll give you more information on that. :sunglasses:

Robot finger reminded me of this

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