Apartment Buzzer

I live in an apartment building with a simple front door bell and buzzer.

I’m looking for a way to receive notification when someone ring the front door bell and open it using my phone.

Would something like that work?

This zwave sensor has contact leads on it. You could have a notification anytime it was “closed” via the doorbell buzzer being pressed. With zwave you won’t need to do anything with custom code unless you want to.


Can I also use it to remotely open the door?

Nope, you’d need some type of relay device. Fortrezz’s Mimolite has both a dry contact sensor and a relay built in, so you’d only need this one device to be notified for open/close and to be able to control it. There are several posts in the community about using a Mimolite the way you want to do it, so I recommend doing a search. You should be able to find a custom DTH to use, or one you can modify for your needs.