Repairing Led strip Lights

I have an LED Strip light that has one LED that doesn’t come on.

Ideally I’d like to repair it as it doesn’t look too complicated and I have some basic electronics skills but I wanted to see if anyone here had some insight. Is it feasible? What might be the cause?The bad led in question is the one closest to the power source. I took it apart and found that that first section has the actual LED strip coming away from the aluminium bar it’s attached to.

To my eye the aluminium bar it’s irrelevant to the functioning of the lights, so it doesn’t matter if it’s coming away, but maybe I’m wrong? If so, then it must either be the LED itself or the connection that’s bad, right? In which case the unified nature of the strip might make it tricky to repair.

Can anyone confirm any of this? Any approach I should take? Anyway to test this?

That may be normal operation as it sounds like it’s a sacrificial pixel. Depending on the controller, whether or not a logic level shifter is used, and wire length, the first pixel may not illuminate. This is normal.

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Thank your reply.This is a valuable advice for me.

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