LED strips stay red when off?

Just wandering if any you guys have any thoughts on why a set of LED strips stay on and red when switched off in the magic home app

I have checked and double checked the connections, reset the controler, swapped rg and b which makes them operate incorrectly as expected, when switched on in the magic home app they operate almost properly, in the app, any colour selected shows the correct colour on the strips but if i hit the off button in the app the strips go red and stay on, i am foxed at this point

i am using the 8A530E wifi controler and my only thoughts now are a bad controler

Sounds like a low glow problem. (It’s a physics thing.) are you sure you are reaching the minimum load required for that device? That’s the usual reason that lights don’t turn off all the Way on a dimmer. Although it could also be a bad device, it happens.

On this occasion JD its defo not low glow, off in the app actually makes them go bright red, not a residual low glow

I had the lot in bits today, there are 3 short lengths, under cabinet left, right and over top, not daisy chained and all from the same strip supplied with the psu and controller so the total draw falls well within the limits of the psu/controller

Its totaly odd and im thinking its a controller issue as all 3 strips exhibit the same issue and i refuse to believe all 3 strips are bad

If i connect +power and white they operate perfectly, if i add blue they operate correctly but as soon as i add green and or red they refuse to go off via the app and stay bright red, i have swapped the cables this way and that way and i cannot get the fault nailed down so my assumption is bad controller

Wish i could find a ledenet controller in the uk as i would replace with one of those