Reolink camera / API integration

I have a Reolink RLC-420 and I would like to have ST recognize it as a device and sense motion to trigger lights, etc… Viewing the camera live would be nice too…

I know this has been asked about before and some people are using third party systems to integrate it, but I am trying to go as direct as possible, without relying on extra gear to forward signals.
The camera can push video files to a FTP, or send emails, but I had another thought in mind:
Upon my searching the web for info, I came across a link to a api on GitHub that opens up all the features of the camera, that are normally only accessible to the reolink NVR. The api is for Python.
I am not experienced enough to do anything with this but I know that it holds the keys to direct integration if put into the right hands!!!

Can anybody use this link to build the Reolink cameras in smartthings???

Thanks in advance!

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I am very interested in this as well. Been searching for a smartthings solution for my reolink NVR for quite a while now and don’t really want to mess with blue iris just yet. Nice find!

also following this after leaving the World of Netgear Arlo. i now have Reolink and surveillance station

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