Removed a couple Zwave devices now some devices are unresponsive

I removed an Aeon power strip and an Inovelli plug from my system which resulted in two locks stopping from responding to the ST app.

I’ve done Zwave repair and it completed without errors but still not having luck with control. I’m on a V1 hub btw.

What else can I try before I try manually removing the devices and re-pairing them?

Check for any ghost devices and try removing them from your network routing tables:

Thank you for the link to the FAQ, however I do not see Route in any of my Zwave devices’ properties. Is this available for V1 hub?

Ah, unfortunately no. The routing feature was added/fixed in a recent firmware update (0.31.x) which only applies to the V2/V3 hubs (the WiFi and ADT Hubs are yet to receive these firmware updates)

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Support wasn’t much help, they just basically told me to remove and repair the devices which I will do over the weekend, pair it to a different hub!

The devices you removed may have been acting as beaming repeaters for the locks. Nothing you can do about that except replace them with another beaming repeater.

We see this quite often in people who try to move over to another hub just a few devices at a time. It’s all too easy to end up with two crippled networks. :disappointed_relieved:

If you’re going to try to move devices in phases, you need to think about the original network as a new network with the devices that you now have. Do you have repeaters in the right places? And do you still have a beaming repeater close to each lock?

You do need to run the zwave repair after you’ve removed the other devices, but it sounds like you’ve done that.