Remove notification created by Notify Me When

I setup a few notification using Notify Me When, its working but I’m struggling to find where to remove or modify any of the notifications I’ve created. I’m using the classic SmartThings application on iOS. When I open “Nofify Me When” I only see options to add new notifications. There is a Remove button at the bottom, when I press it the application is not removed.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hey John! Great question, and welcome to the forums!

Add the notify me when smart app again from the marketplace when you want different settings. You can have multiple instances of the same app. If you scroll all the way down you can set ’ send push notification ’ to ‘no’. It will still send a text message if you put a number in that field. Let me know if that helps!

I use Android but I assume the Classic app is broadly similar in appearance to that on iOS. You may need to adapt the following:

Unlike some other apps such as Smart Lighting, which install once and then create child apps for the individual automations, Notify Me When uses completely separate instances of the application. So when you go into Marketplace you are creating a new instance of the app and the Remove button basically cancels that particular installation.

To find the existing installations you should be able to click on the Automation button instead. It might start up on the Routines tab but there should also be a SmartApps tab and that is the one you want. In there you should see multiple entries for Notify Me When corresponding to your notifications and you can click on them to edit them, or use the Remove button to remove that particular instance.

Generally that is how things work, Marketplace is where you install the apps, and Automation|SmartApps is where you control the installed applications.

You should also find that each ‘thing’ in My Home has a tab called SmartApps that lists the apps the thing is used in. So that is an alternative way to get to the settings.

While talking about Remove buttons, always be wary of them if you are using Smart Lighting. There is one on the list of Smart Lighting automations that will remove your entire installation if you aren’t careful.

Thank you both for the responses and information! I was able to find multiple listings of Notify Me When and removed the ones I wanted. Thanks again!

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You’re welcome John. Smarrthings has a solid community. We’re happy to help each other out and possibly learn something new along the way.