How can you edit Notify Me When in smartapps?

So I finally got around to using this feature. At first I was thrilled. But then I realized I had set up the notify me when without setting the times I wanted it to happen. So every time someone passes a sensor our phones send us texts. Needless to say it is driving us nuts. And the biggest issue is I can’t seem to find a way to go in and edit the feature or even to delete it. I can add another one, but I can’t edit or delete. Also, when I looked into the times or occurences I can set the alerts to go off for they seem to be based on the old set up, and not the Smart Home Monitor I’ve recently pretty much been forced to use since I ordered a new sensor and the old way of doing things soon won’t get any support.

You can set it up to send notifications only in certain modes. That option will be at the bottom. For example you can receive notifications only when you are in Away Mode.

Thanks. I understand that part. But what I can’t figure out is how to delete or edit it if I set it up wrong in the first place.

I think you go to the SHM tab and choose “Setup” from the menu and then go into the custom section, and you’ll see a list of the different notify rules you’ve set up. Is that what you want?

I’m not sure. I was able to figure out how to delete the Notify Me’s I created, but I still can’t figure out how to make the old and new motion sensors both work together. So I’m just not using the new one for now until I can figure out how to make them all work.