Remove humidity graph from temperature/humidity sensor

Hello, looking for a way how to adjust temperature reporting with temperature/humidity sensor. I have 2 sensors, one is radiator head which only measure temperature and the second one is Aeotec temp./humidty sensor

The problem i have is with the combined temperature/humidity sensor.

The scale is completely different because humidity is more or less at stable levels.

So the question is, can i somehow take the temperature values out of the temp./humidity sensor and monitor it separately on its own ?


Hi @Safire

The graphic is combined by default and cannot be separated

In this example that you post, the problem is that you have a reading of 10°c and then the whole scale loses precision for the rest of the other much higher values.

I think you would see exactly the same graph if you did not have the humidity information.

This is one example for one device with and without humidity

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Thats the another problem with the reding graph, i do not know why it reported 10°C + it disconnect couple of times daily, can you recommend some stable temperature sensor, without humidity ? My radiator head works okay but i cannot find similar temp. sensor and i have tried 3 brands already, but all of them have humidity sensor and random disconnects

I use the Aeotec zigbee (smarttings) motion sensor and multipurpose sensor and they work very well with the configuration of temperature reports.
Motion sensor has a big battery with a duration of more than 2 years
I think the Aeotec(smartthings) zigbee button also works fine, but I don’t have it