Remove hidden devices - Wallmote

Hi everyone

I’m struggling with my Hub v2 and including a Wallmote Quad.

Once upon a time I had a Quad named “Aeon Wallmote”. I no longer have this unit. Today I was adding a new Quad unit and for some reason it didn’t show up during the “Add a thing” step. Instead, it showed up in the “Live Logs” as “device woke up” and named “Aeon Wallmote”. It’s hidden from the “Device List”. Hitting one of the 4 buttons sends out a command like normal.

How can I add this new Wallmote Quad? I’ve tried numerous times adding - removing etc. Also tried Smartthings chat support with no luck. They couldn’t help me with “unofficial devices”.

Cross my fingers for help!

Try a General Device Exclusion and then readd.

I tried that several times.

I found a solution : I renamed the DH from “Aeon Wallmote” to “Aeon Wallmote test” and it did the trick! Very strange but I’m happy it now works.