How to Remove a Smart App?

(Don Coleman) #1

Ok, I installed a Smart App by mistake. I do not have any hardware for
that app. so I can’t delete as described in another post. Is there any way to
just delete the app itself? Thanks.

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This is probably the long way around but see if it does what you need to do:

Log In
My Locations (scroll down)
List SmartApps
Select EDIT (right hand side, under your location pic)
Select Uninstall for the app you want to remove

(Dan) #3

Open the Smart App on your phone. Scroll to the bottom of the app’s page and click “Remove”

(Don Coleman) #4

Thank both of you. I did go to the Smart App item and did remove it. When I went back, it was still there. I did it again and it still was there. Then I posted the original message. When I got your (ogiewon) reply, I went back to try again, and it was gone. So I guess it takes a while to update. So thank you both for the reply. Problem Solved.

(Michael Elsner) #5

Ah! The way i’ve always removed it is:

  1. Open Smart Apps
  2. Go to “Dashboard”
  3. Click on the Menu Icon (Three lines) on the top right
  4. Click “Smart Apps”
  5. Click on the app you want to remove
  6. Click “remove”