Remotec ZXT-120

I downloaded @bdahlem code from Github (device-type.zxt-120.groovy) and added it to my SmartThings. I followed the included instructions. I then went to the configuration and entered the Remote Codes corresponding to my AC. I find it hard to believe that none of them worked. I am not sure if I’m doing something wrong. I have a Sharp window air conditioner. I entered each of the codes, then pressed the “configure” button and tested sending commands to my AC, but none responded. My ZXT-120 was already associated with my SmartThings before I downloaded Brian’s code from Github. I simply went and changed the device type to what is indicated in the instructions.

Try the following thread instead, it has some improvements on the original:

What is the max length of Cat5 cable I can use with the IR extender port on the Remotec ZXT-120 ?

It’s a pretty low power device. You might want to check with remotec and see what they say.