[ST EDGE] Remotec ZXT-120 IR Extender

@dotan_shai got the information from Remotec.


ZXT-120 SmartThings Edge Driver Installation Guide V1.0[2763].pdf

Google Drive file.

This is the Driver invite to channel , copied from the document attached

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i have try the EU version for my zxt-120 not working directly everything is fade off and you can’t change anything

so work for me with work around
re pair the zxt-120 i go to settings choose the right code for my AC then i add this AC to Action tiles open the AC to HEAT and to Cool then i open the Alexa app i change the temprature both in heat and cool so everything working now

if you have any better solution please write here

i pair also my last AC that was with learn mode 0
i deleted and re pair, set code 0 and do all that step with action tiles and alexa and work ok without learn the buttons again because everything saved to 0 code so be careful and not reset the device


Great review !! Gave me some confidence to use this driver and install in my A/C’s
@JDRoberts , @Mariano_Colmenarejo FYI…
in my case the Finger Print is:

zw:F type:0806 mfr:5254 prod:0101 model:8377

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As I write is not working from start but working with this work around

Is not perfect but very good you can’t use the grill for where the air goes or in my case steps is by 0.5 that not support from my AC

But otherwise working good

step fixed without my touch now is per 1 C

i pair also my last AC that was with learn mode 0
i deleted and re pair, set code 0 and do all that step with action tiles and alexa and work ok without learn the buttons again because everything saved to 0 code so be careful and not reset the device

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It worked more or less straight forward for me. I have used the ZXT-120 throught the Zipato controller, just migrated to ST now. I have one issue, I do not find out how to make the “learning” function in the driver to work, and if learning is working, how do I use whats learnt? My heat pump is running all year around, when Im home, its running at for instance 23 deg C, but when leaving home for a while, I have been used to just running the scene “leaving home”, and the only signal sent throught the ZXT-120 has been the “save function” putting the heat pump into “winter modus”, 10 deg C. In Zipato I hit a “learn” button, pushing the button at ZXT-120 once, and then pushing the button on the remote to be learnt. Voila, working… Here I`m struggling. A lot of functions in the Z-wave modules are not transfered to the ST system, thats a pitty. Any thoughts?

I’ve never used the learn function. I always use code for my A/C.
I’m using scenes in order to turn on and off for my A/C according to temperature or other conditions.
I’ve attached a PDF file in the 1st post, maybe you’ll find some more info there. You can also contact Remotec support for help. Also, Remotec developed this driver, they can update it if they find that something is not working.

Tnx for the feed back pal, I`ll send them a question.


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I got this answer back from Remotec:

“which edge driver do you use now?I think someone already add learn function into ST from SmartThings community. as far as I know we have not made for ZXT-120 since this model was already end of life long ago. we do have for ZXT-600.”

Your Remotec Team,

We hope this response has sufficiently answered your questions. If not, please do not send another email. Instead, reply to this email or login to your account for a complete archive of all your support requests and responses.

And then I got this answer when I pointed to the driver at the top:

“I believe it can use learning function because we had tested it. I think the major reason is that ST always change its frame in different version so this edge driver cannot fully match.”

You can try sending CLI log while trying the learn function to Remotec. They can improve the driver if it is required.

If you are learning different ir codes / functions to the zxt 120, where do I find them later on? There is not poping up new switches or similar in the ST app driver.


I’ve never tried it. My HVAC is supported and no code is required.
I think that after learning you AC remote the buttons created what you learned. ON will send the learned ON code and OFF the same… Don’t expect to use ZXT-120 to control other than AC.

As you change the code to supported a/c you must set code 0 for learn code and also read the manual how you learn the heat cool etc

You leave it at 0 and then work as you learn it


Tried to set code 0, and program the 30deg signal as winter modus (10 deg. anti freeze modus), but did not work.
Struggling with it.


Unfortunate that EU and US covered but not AUS/NZ :frowning:

All the difference is the Z-wave frequency. The Driver should work the same.
If needed you are welcome to contact the support of Remotec here:

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Sadly not. It won’t appear in Smartthings as a driver option unless the region matches.

Did you eventuality succeed to use this driver ?
Did you contacted Remotec support ?


Sorry for the late reply.

No, I did not make it. The ZXT work with ST, but I can not find the learned commands, or make use of them …if learned in the ZXT itself.

Yes, got in touch with Remotec, they were all right, but still…

I bought myselfe a cheap Tuya IR thing, installer the Tuya Smart home, programmed the recuired scenes, added Tuya driver, found the scenes in the ST app, and added those to a ST scene.
Working great, but not optimal. Should be able to control the Tuya IR in a normal way in ST…


Agree, I also think that ZXT-120 is not recommended because of bad support from Remotec.
It took me hours to find the code to control my HVAC.

Regarding your Tuya IR , have you read this ?


Great link, I will look into this Edge driver.

My biggest issue is that I need to use this Tuya Smart Home app for my setup, and due to this store some of my automation in the cloud. I see several issues with this.

If this Edge driver work like i hope for, I can get rid of the Tuya Smart, and can run the ir-blaster locally.

Happy new year.


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