Air Conditioner controller working with ST?


Is any air conditioner controller (basically IR) in the market now and working with ST?


If the air-conditioner can be controlled by a Logitech Harmony remote, then you can integrate with smartthings that way.

Or the Remotec ZXT120 is a Z wave device intended for control of IR air conditioners. Itself identifies as a thermostat, but really it’s just a remote for the air-conditioner. There are some community members who are using it.

Vesternet carries it:

Community discussion thread:

Also, anything that has an IFTTT channel/service can be used indirectly with smartthings that way, but the integration may not be as good as the harmony or the Remotec.

And of course, the Samsung smart air conditioner has a cloud to cloud integration through the Samsung smart appliances app , but I don’t know if that model is available in the UK or not.

That said, I haven’t heard of anyone who’s actually using it, and I know the Samsung vacuum integration was broken this week. So I don’t know if this actually works or not.

Do you mean thermostat?

I mean replacement for the IR controller come with the unit, therefore we could air conditioning control with ST