Remotec ZFM-80 Reset

Hello, man what a mess trying to get my devices and the aeotec hub working…Does anybody know how to factory reset the Remotec ZFM-80? I would appreciate anybody out there !!

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run a z-wave exclusion → go to the Devices section, click on the menu in the upper left of the screen, selec All Devices, find your hub and open it, then click on the 3 dots in the upper right of the screen and open z-wave utilities. A z-wave exclusion will clear the z-wave settings that was set up from a different hub.

IF you also do whatever is required to physically put that specific device into exclusion mode so that it accepts the exclusion command. This is usually a specific tap pattern, which might be on the main button for the device or there may be a special “programming“ button for it. so you have to find the user manual and look that up.

So there are always two steps to a zwave include or exclude: one done with the smartthings app to issue the command from the smartthings/Aeotec hub. And one done on the physical device itself (or with the very newest devices, with a QR code) so that device will take action when the hub sends the command.

Here’s the manual. It looks like there’s a programming button on the device itself that you need to push, unless you already have it wired to an external switch, in which case you can use that switch. But note that for this specific device, you cannot just cut the power to the device with the circuit breaker As it Has to stay on power in order to process the exclude command. There are other devices that will exclude if you do a specific tap pattern and then cut the power all together. The point just being that different models are different, so you should always look it up in the manufacturer’s user manual for each device you need to exclude. :thinking:

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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