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This seems like a basic question but I couldn’t find a great answer upon searching around. I have an existing light controlled by a dimmer. I would like to add a switch (with dimming capability) in a different location that cannot be easily reached by running new wire from either the light or existing switch.

I know you can add a smart dimmer in place of the existing switch and control that with the smartthings hub/smartphone - i just want to be able to do what you can from the smartphone from a new physical switch. I can control it with my smartphone yes, but not everyone has smartphones (or don’t want to deal with an app).

Can you point me to devices that would do this (I realize it may be 2 devices)? The location of the new switch (with dim capability) can access power/ground/neutral, but it can’t control power for the light or the existing switch.

P.S. The “would be nice solution” would support this at the load itself - thinking of another application where I want to add a new light where I have power/neutral/ground off an existing circuit but no easy way to run a switch wire. In that case the existing switch and associated wiring does not exist so I would want to add the load controlling device right at the load itself (not add a switch that would never be used: i want to add a ceiling light downstairs and can get power to that light from upstairs, but I can’t get a switch wire from downstairs to the light (easily) - i wouldn’t want to add a switch for a downstairs light on the 2nd floor just so i could control it remotely from downstairs).


If I understand what you were asking for, this is called a “virtual three-way“ and any switch which is recognized by the smartthings hub can do this. The remote switch sends a message to the hub, the hub sends a message to the master switch. You just do this with the official “smart lights“ feature. Usually you do it with the option called “mirroring“ so that the status of both switches stays in sync.

There are models which are specifically designed for this, and are not wired to a load from the accessory switch. They do still require a neutral to power the radio. The following model is popular for this:

Alternatively, you can even use a battery controlled model, which literally lets you put it anywhere. See the following list. Some of these are mains powered and some are battery powered, so read the descriptions carefully. ( this is a clickable link)

Also, if I understand the second part of your post, there are in wall micros that can be put in at the light fixture itself. ( The picture shows one behind a wall switch, but it can go anywhere on the circuit branch) Those then control the light to go on and off and you put a switch where ever you want to act as the accessory. Just be aware that code in some places may require a wall switch. This usually only applies to attic switches, but it’s good to check.

Great, thank you! Do you happen to know of a similar switch with a dimmer control?

Both of the switches pointed out in this thread, as well as many of the ones in the link, have dimmer control.

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My apologies, I see it now… I was looking at the switch and didn’t see a dimmer control - read up and you press and hold in the off direction to dim. Kind of odd - how do you turn off a dimmed light?! On then back off I suppose…

Single press on top turns the light on, single press on bottom turns the light off, press and hold on top increases brightness, press and hold on bottom decreases brightness.

Many of that style of smart switch also allow you to create custom commands for double tapping either the top or bottom. I have a goodnight routine that runs when I double tap the bottom of my kitchen light switch on my way to bed, and a good morning routine that runs when I double tap the top button.

When you turn off a dimmed light (single press on bottom) the light level is stored, and when you turn it back on it will come on at the same light level (just like with an analog “dumb” dimmer switch).

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