Can I control my devices when I am not connected to my WiFi?

Hello I am new using Smart Things.
I noticed that I can control my lights only when I am connected to a WiFi when I am away from home. Is is possible to do this but over the internet, not necessarily connected to a WiFi? I thought this was possible.

Hi @smonsalve,

You can control your house from across the World! All you need is your account, SmartThings app, and Internet connection.

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Have you checked the settings on your phone? Could it be that you have restricted data access for the Smartthings app?


I just figured it out. It was working all this time.
The “Samsung Connect” app has a dashboard and every time I opened it it showed that the hub was disconnected, but I was able to control the lights from the app directly and also from the smart things app without being connected to any WiFi.

Thanks guys for your time and help.