Remote Controlled Power Strip?

Can anyone recommend a remote controllable power strip that works really well with SmartThings? I have a vacation rental that I will sometimes not be able to be physically present at, and I have a Security Camera that I need to be able to remotely power off while it is being rented, and then power it on when it is vacant. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a full power strip; a device that could remotely control the power of a single device would work. This is very important so I am willing to pay more for the best and most reliable product.

There are a lot of products that can do this. If you go into your smartthings app and go to marketplace you will see a section that says outlets and that will give you a small list. There is also a lot on websites like with a lot of differnt devices as well. You can search smart plugs in amazon and there will be a lot as well and most will work with smartthings.