REliable Flood Detector

I’m looking for a reliable and fully functional flood detector to use with a sump pump. The sensor needs to have a wired sensor that I can mount in the sump pit. I see some older discussion about a Utilitech/Evertech sensor, but many comments about this device failing to report battery status. it’s a bargain at $29- at Lowe’s, but I want the battery status to report reliably.
Has anyone installed a sensor for this application that works well without custom coding?

I am using the Everspring Flood sensor and like the setup and ease to connect to Smartthings. I have not had an issue with them.

If I can add some personal experience, I use a utilitech for a driveway alarm system to report when cars arrive and depart my driveway. It triggers at least twice a day, everyday. I had the original batteries in it for 6 months when I decided to change them. I didn’t check the voltage on the batteries when I tossed them but the sensor still worked perfectly. The other two utilitechs being used as actual flood detectors have been up and running for about 8 months on the original packaged batteries. I check them once a month for proper operation and I plan to let those two run flat to see how long they actually take to exhaust a set of batteries.

However, to answer your question, no they do not report battery level and I do not have any other ideas for your project. Best of luck.

Chuck- does the Utilitech display battery status when you look it up or does it not report in any way?

Michael, Would you please look up your Everspring under “things” and tell me if you can view battery status? It seems like inconsistent results are being reported by various users. Thanks

it shows 100% on the tile faceplate. I have had them for a couple months now.

shows 100% all of the time

True. I have not tested the ulitech device type to see if it’s power % changes and reads correctly. I will be checking that out after I write this on one of the sensors I have.

So here is another option.

It is not Smart but has a relay output that a powered device could be connected to I.e. MIMOlite.

I can tell you that all three of mine report 100% all of the time.

I agree with @kg4fku

Mine report 100% as well but as others have mentioned seemed to have very low battery usage… I am wondering if they could go as long as a year or more without needing to be changed. I test mine periodically to make sure they are good and have never seen a failure yet.

I do test mine regularly due to me having a valve hooked up that closes when water is sensed. I will be testing my sensors at least once a month each water sensor.

I have an Everspring. I believe it only triggers a battery event at thee thresholds to conserve battery. Thus you won’t see it change until it hits one of the thresholds or replace the battery. I may be confusing this with another device, however, because I can’t find this documented anywhere.

Can anyone confirm this?

I bought the Utilitech for $30- at Lowe’s. It paired up very easily and works. The transmitter portion is very solidly built. It would be nice if it provided battery status, but I can live with testing it quarterly. It’s certainly simple to test. Thanks to all for input.

Opening up an old topic. I have one of the IRIS sensors installed in a Sump area to detect rising water. It tested ok, but I have not seen any activity in all the months I have had it. The battery still reports 100%. My concern with this device is, if it does fail, there is no way to detect failure since it never updates unless a change of state is detected. It could be dead and there is no way to know this.