[RELEASE] Zooz Power Switch / Zooz Smart Plug

No I haven’t, but I’ll start doing some homework on it. I need to finish cleaning the garage, and then I can get back to ST stuff today.

No, but now that you mention that I do have something odd with the Dome chime/siren. Sometimes it will chime 2 or 3 times instead of once.

I’d try @Tyler. He’d know or at least point you to the right person.

@elf thanks for sharing.

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That’s exactly what I was looking for. There are no trace lines indicating that the on or off command was executed and the BasicReport has the value 0 so it’s definitely not something that my DTH is doing.

Have you tried adding additional logging to your other power devices to see if they’re doing the same thing?

Did you notice a lot of other Basic Report log entries that were repeatedly reporting the device a on?

Since I have multiple power devices from different manufacturers reporting Basic Reports without my DTH requesting them, I still think SmartThings is somehow sending Basic Gets on its own, but I’m still waiting for someone at SmartThings to confirm or deny that. @Tyler

Even if SmartThings is doing that, the device shouldn’t report off unless it really thinks that it’s off so I’m not sure if I can blame that part on SmartThings…

I was initially thinking it might be some type of power flicker, which I’ve always thought was the cause of the phantom Aeon Doorbell rings, but the device thought it was off for close to 20 seconds.

FYI, I’ve been reporting these issues to Zooz and they have their engineers looking into them, but so far they haven’t been able to reproduce any of them and neither have I.

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This kind of randomness seems to be systemic. @krlaframboise & @johnconstantelo, did you happen to catch my post about a door that reported ‘open’ when it wasn’t?

forget I posted this reply…see below.

Hey @krlaframboise, guess what?

I created a small SmartApp to notify me if any of my outlets turn off to see what happens. Well, today I was flooded by almost every outlet - GE and Zooz only. My Aeon’s are solid.

Check this out over the last 3 hours:

That device is a Zooz, and the funny part about those messages is that the drying is running right now.

Here’s a GE outlet:

Regarding the Aeon devices, I’m using my own DTH found here:


I guess I need to do some homework on differences in DTH’s, but I thought I’d share what I’m seeing.


Well that’s what I get for posting too soon. Here’s an Aeon doing it just a couple minutes after I posted this! This is a Aeon Labs Micro Smart Switch using my DTH. The switch was not physically turned off because it’s buried behind an outlet and it’s not physically accessible.


No but over the last couple weeks I could swear I had poltergeists back again. Nothing in the logs either.

I also had a couple open events, and I also experienced my chimes ringing 2 or 3 times in a row vs the normal 1 they’ve always done.

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Yep! Same symptoms…

Had an engineer working for me once who was frantically searching for a similar issue in a product. Once I taught him about the proper use of mutexes & synchronization objects, the light dawned on him! :yum:

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The device reporting the wrong state is definitely a SmartThings problem so you should change any devices that are supported by SmartThings back to their default DTHs so you’ll be able to report it to SmartThings the next time it happens.

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Here’s what I got from ST Support on a GE Switch using a ST stock DTH …

Thank you for contacting SmartThings today! I’m so sorry you’re having trouble with your Switches. I’ve taken a look at your account from my end and can see the device states that you are seeing. In this instance these are states that are being reported to the hub from the device. I suspect something wrong with the device that is presenting this behavior. We are not sending any commands to these devices. I have had several leads check to see if there was anything I missed with this assessment and apologize for any inconvenience. I would inspect your Switch and check for hardware Failures. _
Thank you for contacting SmartThings today, if you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach back out to us!

My reply …

With respect, I do not believe this is a fault with the device. There are many instances of this being reporting the ST community forum across different devices. I realize there are many variables and it’s possible there are different things going on but it seems unlikely.

I will continue to troubleshoot with the ST community and see if we can’t work this out. There are several developers looking at the same issue for two different power switches (both reporting on/off states when nothing is sending on/off commands to the devices and the devices are not actually changing state). Perhaps there truly is a device issue but it would seem it’s across several different devices from multiple manufacturers. Perhaps they have firmware issues. We’ll keep looking.

Their response to that …

With regards to this issue we are not seeing any commands even in our deepest logs that reflect that we are sending any form of command at the times specified. Thank you for taking your time to look with the community. Let us know if you guys find anything as the cause.

Now, since then I have been digging in the logs and Recent on various devices and things are going haywire. I am seeing tons of on/off events on switches, dimmers, etc, all using stock handlers.

I am also getting many more actually turn on (where the device is physically turning on, not a ghost on/off in logs) at times they should not be. I have always had this issue but it was infrequent - like once a month. Now it’s several times a day on varying devices.

Not sure where to go from here but this is nuts. I think we need to flood Support with this issue until it gets more attention. It seems to be systemic.

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I have a piston in webCoRE doing the same thing just for a few suspect devices. I get a push notification every time it happens.

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He’s this for ya? This is what I came home to just now. ALL my zwave devices died an hour ago, but anything that is an energy meter is still sending data.

I’ve emailed support, but I’m not holding out hope. Been there, done that too many times with their canned replies. Something changed somewhere. Either my hub is on a death march, or something changed on their end. If my hub is croaking, I’m dreading the replacement process since ST doesn’t have a tool to help me move almost 300 devices…

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I think we have no choice but to keep reporting to Support. Eventually they’ll have to see and admit this is systemic, not devices going bad.

I hope your system heals itself John! That’s not good.

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Just got done chatting w/support…not good at all, terrible actually. I’m on life support rebooting the hub, but the inevitable has happened. I’m facing reality that I have almost 300 devices to move to a replacement hub…

Oh man, that is not good news. Sorry to hear this!

Talk about muddying the waters. I still believe there is another system-wide issue. Or perhaps those of us that are seeing this ON/OFF ghost issue are all looking at failing hubs? Mine is a year old this month …

I sure hope this wasn’t caused by something ST did. I rebooted and all I get in the event logs are:
Err 101: ZW module not responding
Err 112: ZM eeprom write fail
Z-Wave power cycle started

over and over and over again…

I think I’m going to get sick…


I see this error a lot, but support said it was normal.

You had all those switches reporting meter values frequently so you might want to try unplugging them all to see if the zwave module starts responding again. I doubt it will make a difference, but it can’t hurt.