[RELEASE] Zooz Power Strip VER 2.0

Is device id(zf) the same as network id(st)?

Yes, and I use this site to convert Hex To Dec but there are many more:


Ok, dont want to flash the wrong file so… if st is hex why do I have id’s of 10 11 and 12 and not a b and c

Quoting Wikipedia:

In mathematics and computing, hexadecimal (also base 16 , or hex ) is a positional numeral system with a radix, or base, of 16. It uses sixteen distinct symbols, most often the symbols “0”–“9” to represent values zero to nine, and “A”–“F” (or alternatively “a”–“f”) to represent values ten to fifteen.

…so 0x10, 0x11, 0x12 are equal to 16, 17, and 18.

Also, unless you have lots of Zooz devices, when Z-Flash pulls it in, it will identify it as a Zooz device. It will also give a Device ID and Device Type but I have not found where I can decode those.

NOTE: I was saying DEVICE ID but should have said NODE # ! The first column is the device identifier. I also have a Zwave ToolBox calls that a Device ID.

Z-Flash (DEC)

Zwave Tool Box (DEC)


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How do others run surge protection with this strip? Looking to use this in different places like an office and home entertainment system. Would like to cut power on all except router and wifi at night.

Overload protection will kick in automatically once the total load between 5 outlets exceeds 15 A. But it looks like you’re just looking to schedule an automation for selected 3 outlets to turn off for the night - correct? If that’s the case, you can use the Routine automation in the ST Classic app and run it automatically every night during the selected times. If you have any detailed questions, you can get in touch with the Zooz support directly for guidance:


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Installed, set up and working like a charm!

Question I have is how to interpret the KWh reading. Currently using the simple event logger and also seeing these values in the app but what does that mean? I’m assuming that the reading of kWh indicates current use at that time of reading. So I would have to sum all the values over a specific period and divide by that period to get an average? For example sum all readings over 4x hours and divide by 4 to get 1x kWh usage? Please let me know if I am overthinking this!

Also any chance that in the future it there might be a built in option in the smart-app to set kWh cost for in app calculation (even if it just for the master reading) like some of the plugs have?


Hi @SergL, kWh reading is the amount of power used by a given load within an hour (or within the set reporting interval) and then summed up over time (until you reset it). So for example, if you have a 100W bulb turned on for an hour, the first reading after the hour will be 0.1 kWh (since the bulb used 100W = 0.1 kW within the first hour). If you keep it on at full brightness for another hour, the reading will be 0.2 kWh, etc. This is a simplified version of the actual calculations which happen more frequently and are more fine tuned according to advanced settings.
Let us know if that’s clear!

This is a great question for SmartThings and their smart app creators since the device doesn’t have built-in capabilities to calculate cost as that usually entails frequent database updates via cloud and Z-Wave only sends and receives simple radio signals to communicate.

Thank you @TheSmartestHouse for the explanation on the kWh! I was able to go into the settings and change the reporting time to 1x hour and that should give me hourly calculations that I can export to graphs without having to do math!

In terms of the smart app I might have not addressed it correctly. I was talking about the DTH and associated “thing in smarthings app” that was written for this strip by krlaframboise. If I remember correctly I had seen some handlers he had written for some of the single and dual plugs and within its settings you could put in your kWh cost?

Thanks for clarifying on the functionality @SergL, we’ll check with the developer if it’s possible to add a calculator like that into the handler.

Coming back around to this after having purchased and implemented some of the ZEN06 plugs. @krlaframboise or @TheSmartestHouse any chance we can get voltage readout and/or kWh cost calculation added to the Power Strip V2? These are some very nice points of data to have if possible.

The current firmware doesn’t report voltage.

I can add the cost calculation to my To Do list, but it’s already a long list…

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Thanks for the reply! Figured it didnt hurt to ask! Dont doubt you are a busy man, thank you for all the amazing work you do and all our lives you’ve made better!


We added Voltage reports to requests for the next firmware upgrade.

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Please don’t have them sent immediately when the device is turned on/off because SmartThings is already unable to handle the number of reports being sent by this device and my workaround will most likely stop working if the device starts sending 6 additional reports.

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If it makes any difference I dont see the need to have a voltage report per outlet since the drop between the input and output side of the device should be negligible. A single voltage reading just showing whats coming into the unit would suffice I feel.


@krlaframboise Noticing the past 2 days that energy events are no longer reporting regularly. Pulling data out using the simple event logger but it appears there is no energy data to pull. Changed the reporting interval on the strip in the smartapp yesterday and it seemed to work. Today it appears broken again after a few points of data. Thoughts?

Screenshot of data gap below. Notice how it stopped in the morning but then after adjusting the report interval in the early afternoon it appears to be running again.

@krlaframboise @TheSmartestHouse So upon further review having the same issue today and it seems that when I go into the item in the app and refresh it, it starts reporting again. Assuming that adjusting a parameter refreshes the device which is why I was getting the same result when doing so. Any idea why the device would time out (seemingly) just the KwH reports?

For what its worth I have 2x of these and both of them are doing the same thing.

(EDIT) looks like my hub updated 2x days ago to the next FW so I am going to try and reboot it and see if that fixes it for now.

Keep us posted and we’ll keep an eye out on similar reports from other users!

Good morning @TheSmartestHouse & @krlaframboise . So issue persisted over the weekend as well. Started the logging this morning to show what I am seeing. The power strip no longer reports KwH for some outlets until a refresh happens. The odd thing is that in this strip I have a few open outlets (#4 &#5) and it seems that for those it does report KwH.

So in the attached picture of the log, strip runs and does not report KwH for all outlets, but then when I refresh at 10:04 it reports it for those devices as a secondary status. It is starting to appear as if outlets that I am actually using are the only ones affected with reporting KwH as a secondary status as opposed to its own.

(Edit) So here is the logger for a good part of the day. All items here should be reporting a value at 1 hour intervals and as you can see some go hours with nothing being reported. For those devices if you then go back to the log you more than likely will find it listed as a secondary value log.