[RELEASE] Zooz MultiRelay (ZEN16)

I was going to recommend clearing the cache, but rebooting’s even better.

The master device is the only one that talks to the physical device, the child devices talk to the master, and the mobile app only talks to the child device you selected so the virtual device created by the app won’t work without those other devices.

Technically you could delete the devices created for the relays you’re not using, but the next time you change a setting for the master device it would re-create them.

There’s no way to prevent ST from adding all your devices to Google Home and I think if you delete the device from Google Home it will just get added again, but I think there’s a way to disable/hide a devices within Google Home.

If Google home sees it as a switch then you’d probably need to use “on” for open and “off” for closed.

If Google home sees it as a garage door then for security reasons it might not let you control the device until you’ve gone into the settings and created a PIN for it. (I might be thinking of Alexa…)

On a different note, since this topic is for the relay and not the garage door app, your posts with the links might be confusing so would you mind deleting it?

Appreciate all the help Kevin! I’ll leave the extra devices. You were correct in stating that Google Home can control as if it were a switch, not a door. I did setup some custom voice commands so ‘close garage door’, ‘open garage door’ all turn the switch ‘On’ which in turns opens/closes the door.

This Zooz switch definitely is pretty powerful. I’m looking forward to getting another and using it for my fireplace ignitor and possibly blower motor. :slight_smile:

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Hi @krlaframboise - Thanks for the handler code. I’m debating using my relay to connect and monitor some hardwired door contact sensors in our home. Do you know if it’s somewhat easy to convert the child relays to door sensors rather than switches within the handler? Or should I not even attempt to go down that rabbit hole? Thanks very much

I have a garage door contact connected to a Zen 16 as well as a snap-switch and reed-switches for controlling my kitchen extractor fan, so yes it is easy.

Okay thanks NickA - but I’m just wondering if the devices can be changed to show up as door contacts (rather than switches) in ST easily? So they work with the home monitoring.

I don’t know if this would Work for you since it does mean having additional devices but you can now use a virtual Edge Driver device which is both a switch and a sensor and which will run locally. So you can use that as a proxy and have your Zen relay turn the virtual device on when the zen turns on and off when the zen turns off. turning the switch on or off actuates the sensor part of the virtual device, so it should work with home monitoring.

Here’s the link for the virtual device creator if you’re interested.

[ST Edge] vEdge Creator: a virtual device generator for end users

Thanks very much @JDRoberts , if I can’t rework the handler that’s a good option as well.

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The zen17 has that functiinality built into it, but it only has 2 relays.

@JDRoberts suggestion is probably your best option if you’re going with the ZEN16.


Thanks everyone for the help. I ended up picking up the zen17 and used that instead. Weirdly when I setup the handler for a door contact it was reporting open when closed and vice versa so I swapped the states in the handler and now it works fine. I guess my sensors were normally open reeds and the device expected the opposite. I was also able to connect all my doors to one input on the Zen17 which at first threw me for a loop as to how to get the logic to work with normally open sensors connected in parallel but eventually I realized I could connect them in series and get the behavior I was hoping for. Now if one (or more) doors are left open it breaks the circuit and I get notified or if someone enters the home while it’s armed, I get notified. Very happy with this solution. Thanks again.

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If anyone is interested in using the Zooz ZEN16 to control MyQ garage door openers, (Chamberlain or LiftMaster), this can be done if you direct wire the relays to the one or more of the momentary switches on the Chamberlain Remote’s circuit board. I have video explaining the general setup on my YouTube Channel. I have more detailed information on installing the Device Handler on my Bud’s Smart Home website. What is nice is that the remote and Zooz relay can be located anywhere in your home that has a receptacle which is in range of your Chamberlain or LiftMaster garage door opener(s).

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So I just set this up and have a few questions:
Do I set it as the Zooz Garage Door device handler? When I did that, nothing seemed to work. When I left it as the Zooz Multirelay, the relay 1 button seemed to work correct. The smart app is installed and setup but like the garage door handler, it doesnt work (I havent tried it with the multirelay DH, but the instructions dont seem to indicate that)

If I want to use this with a wireless contact sensor for open/close, I am guessing model doesnt matter, however if I want to use a wired dry contact sensor, I believe the ZEN17 might be a better option?

Does any of this change with it being a gate rather than a garage door?

This is the only handler for the physical device.

The SmartApp uses the other handler when it creates the child garage door device.

Did you follow the Garage Door App Documentation?

The ZEN17 has that functiinality built-in, but if you have a spare relay on the ZEN16 that you won’t be connecting to anything then you could attach the sensor to the inputs and trigger automations for open/closed based on the on/off state.

That’s what I do with my ZEN16.

Are there not 2 handlers? The general ZEN16 and the Garage Door handler?
When using the garage door handler, nothing works, even with the smart app. And yes, I followed the instructions which is why I was surprised.
Things worked when I used just the normal ZEN16 handler, at least using the relay to open/close, without the more advanced features of the app.

I am only using one relay, so I guess I the ZEN16/ZEN17 would be fine.

The Zooz MultiRelay handler controls the device so don’t change that.

The SmartApp creates a new device for the Garage Door using the other handler, but it’s a virtual (fake) device that has nothing to do with the physical multirelay.

Oh, so set the device to MultiRelay, THEN create the smart app which leverages the garage door handler. The instructions kinda make it seem like you use the garage DH, but knowing this I can see how it reads that way too.

I am using this for opening and closing my two garage doors, but have something strange going on. When I say “Alexa open garage one” garage opens without a problem. But when I say “Alexa close garage one” it shows closing in SmartThings, but either it doesn’t close or there is an extremely long delay. Same thing for garage two. I am using the RBoy garage door app.

Unless you run into the same issue when you add the relay to Alexa and control the door by telling her to turn the switch on, you’ll need to go to rboy for help.

That being said, I don’t recommend using the “garage door” option for the handle’s relay type option because it turns the switch off too quickly for some hardware resulting in unreliable behavior. Using the momentary switch option and setting the auto off setting to 3 seconds often works better.

Good tip Kevin. :slightly_smiling_face: I initially had it setup as a momentary switch, but then changed it to the garage door option. My opener appears to work fine on either setting.

How did you set it up as a garage?