[RELEASE] Zooz Motion Sensor ZSE18

If it happens again tonight can you try moving the sensor the next night to see if that fixes it? It would be nice to be able to rule out an issue with the device/handler. After that you can just disable the vibration sensor if you’re not using that functionality.

I already switched it to the generic z-wave motion handler to run local and test an automation in the new app, but I’ll switch it back for tonight and see what happens.

I already switched it to the generic z-wave motion handler to run local and test an automation in the new app, but I’ll switch it back for tonight and see what happens.

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All good last night


What local/generic handler are people using with this? I’m still fighting with it and the WAF is getting EXTREMELY low at this point!

Open Live Logging and wake the device up. That should allow you to see whether all your settings have been accepted by the device.

If the settings are in sync and you’re still having problems you should contact The Smartest House.

The device works, I just notice the range doesnt appear to be the 20ft advertised and the cloud execution takes too long. I can make it into my basement and across the room before the lights turn on, making the motion lighting pointless. I’m not following you on what the settings will tell me? I would think at this point the last option I have is to try local processing again?

If the motion sensitivity setting hadn’t been applied yet, that might explain the behavior your seeing which is why I was asking you to watch live logging while waking the device up.

I just posted a new version which provides limited functionality with the new mobile app. If you want to edit the settings you’ll need to use the classic app and custom handlers are not officially supported in the new mobile app yet so this handler could stop working with the new mobile app without any notice.

If the device was added using the new mobile app before you installed this code, I believe you need to install the code, remove the device, and then add the device again.

If the device was added using the classic mobile app you should be able to make it appear in the new mobile app by updating the code and then saving the device settings screen using the classic mobile app.


Can this device be used to detect a washer or dryer vibrating?

I don’t recommend it. The device requires 8 seconds of constant vibration before it reports the vibration event so it kept switching to inactive for long periods of time while running the washer. If I remember correctly the vibration of the dryer rarely triggered it to report active.

I’ve been trying to add my sensor with USB power instead of battery so it would function as a repeater as well. When I added it with a battery, it appropriately shows battery percentage. But the USB power method doesn’t seem to reflect USB power. I’ve factory reset the device and try to re-include with the battery removed and USB power only, but it keeps showing up in battery mode. I see an icon with 3/4 battery bars but no percentage. I haven’t been able to make it show the USB icon. Anyone seeing this with iOS?

If I have time, I’ll release a new version this weekend that fixes the problem.

I have the same problem. Need to be 2-3 feet away before it will activate. Did you find a fix?

Are these still for sale?

It looks like they’ve just sold out, but I doubt they’ll be out for too long.

It will be a few weeks before the ZSE18 is back in stock since we’re making a couple of changes to the hardware. But we’ll post here as soon as it’s available again.

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Headed to the island March 4 so let’s get busy!!! :slight_smile:

That’s cutting it close but we’ll try!


Can you make sure it will be awake (I guess that’s the right word) when operating on usb power, so the hub can refresh/poll its status? Or maybe a parameter that lets us choose.