[RELEASE] Zooz Motion Sensor ZSE18

The sensor will act as a routing node (always awake) when joined as USB-powered (click here for instructions). Once joined, you won’t be able to switch to batteries and change its role to a battery-powered device because the role gets established only during the initial set-up (inclusion) per Z-Wave specification. Hope that helps!

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Can you share any details about the changes?

One of the components related to motion detection is being replaced to improve range and motion detection speed but we wouldn’t have the super technical details of what exactly is different about the new component.

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Any news on release?

Thanks for checking in Jim! The expected delivery date for the ZSE18 is April 18th. We’ll post here as soon as the sensors are in stock.

Hey, how about a door window sensor that runs on usb power or at least one that stays awake and i’ll just solder a dc supply to it?

Would the primary reason for USB power be signal routing or is there any other aspect of this type of power source that is more appealing than battery?

I get frequent internet outages. I use st in my condo rental to turn off ac if sliding door is left open but if internet is out when door is closed the ac remains off because the sensor goes into sleep mode. Ac/dc powered sensor would allow sensor to remain awake so when internet returns the ac would get turned back on.

The sensor will still send the signal to the hub / associated device if the Internet is down but if your thermostat is not Z-Wave or cloud-dependent and not running locally and that’s what’s causing the issue, hard-wiring the sensor won’t fix it since it will still only send the change of status to closed once, it will not report again until being opened. Let us know if we’re misunderstanding anything here!

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Back on island so I tested my setup. The smartthing door sensor is reporting to hub and when internet is restored it triggers my cloud based device.

I’m good.


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Well my 4 in 1 is acting up ( going off line) so let’s push up that April 18th date!!! :slight_smile:

We’re trying but it’s still looking like April 18th. Will keep you posted!

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18th still the target?

We were hoping to make it, pushing the plant 'til last minute, but unfortunately there was a delay with one of the parts so the whole shipment got held up :pensive:

The latest update is April 30th, we hope it will be sooner though and you’ll be the first to know!

Pushing it back again?

Hi Jim, just by a couple of days, sorry! The sensors are already in transit and we should get them in-house on Friday. We’ll post a link here as soon as they’re here. Thanks for all of your patience!

Will we still use the DTH from this thread or does it need a new one?

Same device handler will work great, we didn’t change anything about the settings this time, it was a hardware upgrade primarily.

Just a quick update, sensors are still in transit and scheduled delivery is now showing on Monday so we’ll put them back on the site on Sunday night.

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Looking forward to the Sunday update… “Truck was snatched up by aliens but we are on their trail, check back in a light year, yes we know that’s a measure of distance, that’s the point.”