[Release] TKB TZ68E Z-Wave Outlet

Here you go, the driver allow you to switch the LED on when power on, and off when power off.

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Just got a couple of these sockets. All working great with this handler. Thanks!

Thanks for the code! Got my sockets yesterday and worked straight out of the box, no fuss!

Only thing to note is I needed to press the button for changing the status LED behaviour a couple of times. I think the code defaults to “lit when on”, but if the device is set to “lit when off” then you need to cycle through lit when on/off/on to update the device.

I’ll check it out. It doesn’t take the latest status into consideration. I’ll try to fix that

Dumb question I’m sure but when adding this to Smartthings how do I get it to use the CSC driver rather than just recognise it as a basic Z Wave Switch ?

(Search the forum on how to access developer portal and install device handler)

First, install the device handler via IDE.

Then, change the device handler from device setting tab.

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Thanks - All done and working :slight_smile:

I wasn’t aware of where to change the device handler before

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Just wondering if all your TZ68Es have turned into write only devices since the latest firmware update?
They turn on and off OK, and the LED state can be changed, but will not respond to refresh or polls via basic get or switch v1 gets.
I’m guessing they have broken it in the Smarththings firmware, as I’ve added debugging to the parse and it just doesn’t get called after a get or a manual switch change.
I’ve tried removing and adding the TZ68e and the raw description changed:
Raw Description zw:L type:1001 mfr:0118 prod:0101 model:0103 ver:1.04 zwv:3.40 lib:06 cc:25,27,70,86,72

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Hi - I have tried this and it works with a TZ69 (I believe just an update to the TZ68). However it is not reporting power usage (which was my problem with using generic handler - it works but does not report power).

I can see that power usage is being polled and received (in live log).

Is there a way to modify this handler to add power reporting? I’ve done some searching but I’ve not found anything on how to add additional reporting items.


Works perfectly with the TZ68G, love the light mod!

Tz69 go here

I was never able to get that DTH to work.

I kept trying to configure it but it would never allow me to do so. It wouldn’t even allow me to turn on the plug at all.

The original DTH above for the TZ68E was the only one I could get to work - just it unfortunately doesn’t do power metering.

I recently have been setting up my ST network, and I purchased a TZ68E.

Couldn’t get this DH to work though. On and off was flaky and there was no network meshing. If I ran a repair network for z wave, I would get an error about this plug.

I’ve since gone back to the default handler on ST (which shows up as a Z Wave Transponder) and this works fine both on and off and as a mesh repeater!

Don’t think it’s worth using this!!



Hi. Did you ever get to the bottom of this? Just noticed that mine seem to be doing the same. My TZ88s are fine, but TZ68s have limited feedback :frowning_face:

That’s strange, my plug continue to work well

I have never got them to work reliably.
What I have noticed is if I power cycle them then they work for a while before stopping sending updates and going to write only mode.

What do you mean by write only mode?

I mean you can tell it to turn on and off, and it will, but it will not
return its status or send a status update if you press the button by hand.

I just manually turn off and on the plug by pressing the led button, the status reflect almost instantly in SmartThings app.

It’s either TKB changed the plug firmware or could be your device issue.

Hello All,

I just bought 10 from Z-Wave TKB Double Relay Wall Switch TZ57 - Gen5 UK. I used the handler listed here and it worked great. but it shows me only one button in the app. Is there any handler where I can control each button separately?