Simple parameter passing

Just getting started with Smartthings and have a z-wave outlet (GoControl WO15Z-1) with an LED light. The manual says the light should be on when the outlet is powered and off when unpowered. Mine is the opposite. The manual also indicates that parameter 3 can, of 1 byte, can be set to 0 for the light to be on when the outlet is powered.

Since there is no device handler specifically for my device (that I could find) I am using the default z-wave relay device handler and trying to modify it with the parameter setting. I am not a programmer at all so I am sure I am missing some key elements but I have inserted the following code:

def light() {
zwave.manufacturerSpecificV1.manufacturerSpecificGet(configurationValue: [0], parameterNumber: 3, size: 1).format()

Is this anywhere close to what I need? Or am I missing several other things?

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.


Try using “Z-Wave Switch” as the device handler (that’s what that outlet should use), and then go to the phone app and then the device and tap on the gear. Do you see the preferences for LED Indicator? If so, see if changing that will work.

After several days of trying to get the code to work and all I had to do was use the correct device handler. That worked! Much thanks for your help.

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Just for my sanity I would like to know if the code I was using was close or if I have no concept at all of how to set a parameter.