[RELEASE] Sure PetCare (Connect) V1.2c

You’re right - you can’t automatically lock the sure cat flap using their app, which is a surprising limitation. But if you’ve got the cat flap hub, and also a Smartthings hub, you can get it working fine using this integration. Once it’s set up, just create an automation in the Smartthings app triggered at sunset to close the app, and everything should be fine. You can also trigger at sunrise to open it in the morning if you like, although I prefer to use a set time.

This integration was worth the price of the Smartthings hub alone!

Oh, so the smart things hub is actually a hardware device like the sure pet hub with cats ear lights.

I have installed the smart things app on my s20+
I have perused the code here but not sure where to get the IDE.
I’ve got a GitHub account so that’s fine
And I have a windows 10 Acer laptop that I think is dual boot with Linux.

I’ve read instructions on installing these skills but not yet stepped through them owing to a lack of ide and unsure how it connects with the phone upon which the surepet app I got with the door runs.

I’d love to get started and I actually found some sunset code in C++ which is a very interesting find.

So where do I get this smart things hub ?

I had an idea too about implementing an action triggered by the cats progress…

Mark, does it matter which smartthings hub is used.

I understand there is a V2 and V3 and that they differ in the sensors that ar available.

There’s also a smartthings classic but unsure if that’s V1 or not.

I’m using v3 personally, no idea about v2, but you’re better off getting the latest. It works with both that standard and classic apps, although the latter is being phased out.

Thanks Mark. I’m keen to setup the IDE and simulator but wanted to ensure I at least have the right hardware.

Looks like a fun project. I have 2 cats 2 feeders and 2 doors and already have a few functionality ideas.

Hi there all,

Great integration

Is there anyone with a feeder integrated too. Would be good to see. I did a quick search but couldn’t see one anywhere


Feeder would be great too

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@Alyc100 I still have the same issues with this integration.

For the ActionTiles icon display issues, here’s a depiction of what I see each time I tap the button.

Pet Door - locked = “Pets In” on your ST app
Pet Door - unlocked = “Unlocked”

Hey, i know its nearly been a year but did you ever get a chance to write the instructions for this?

Ive added the intents and got the structure of the app, im now stuck on integrating the server code form durdles stuff to alexas server. Are you self hosting the backend or using alexa?

Edit: I now have most of the structure for the Alexa skill done. Cant see to be able to query the surehub api from alexa lambda. Any ideas?

Edit#2: I have this working with Alexa now, hosted on aws with lambda as the server. If anyone wants any help setting it up let me know and ill try and help. Its litereally copy and paste my code, add your creds and id and done :smiley:


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@JB27 I’m interested. I previously removed this integration from my Hub since it wasn’t working well with ActionTiles (as I documented above). Whose repo has the most feature complete integration at this point?


I appreciate your hard work getting this working. For me, the SmartApp is not working or stable. I would like to integrate this device into ST and be able to control it by voice with Alexa. I’m really excited to get this working, but it seems to have some issues. I am assuming the problem must be with my implementation because I see others who have implemented this and are not having any issues.

I am getting a new door under warranty soon (because mine eats batteries), and was also told that soon there will be a new version of the native app released which is supposed to be more reliable and faster response for locking/unlocking the door.

Edit 8/31/2021 - I have a pet door connect. I installed and published all 3 DH’s and the SmartApp and went through the configuration successfully. I then exited and restarted ST.

When I open the Pet Door Connect in ST the lock state displays a cloud with a line through it. The battery shows 0%. There is no history available even though my 3 dogs have been happily running in and out of the door for the past hour. The Sureflap Hub shows to be connected. The tiles for my 3 dogs in the devices tab work correctly and display a history. In the devices view, the tile for the Pet Door Connect device constantly shows a status of “Checking…”. I am not sure what I should see, because I don’t see any screenshots of what the new app devices should look like.

I renamed the door to “Doggie door” in the Alexa app because the name of the device was too long to be useful in the Alexa app. The Alexa voice commands to lock and unlock the door are working, but when I tap on the device for the doggie door in the Alexa app there is a large red circle with a triangle and exclamation mark inside it. The message below the picture reads, “There is a problem with Doggie door Please check your lock.” Also, after issuing the voice command to either lock or unlock the door, the door locks/unlocks as it should, but several seconds later I get a response from Alexa, “Sorry, Doggie door is not responding.” Also, after the door locks/unlocks I have to wait for the “…problem with the doggie door…” announcement before issuing another voice command to the door or I get a message that the device is busy.

A bigger problem is after installing and configuring the SmartApp in ST, I cannot go back in to it to edit or change any of the configurations. When I try and open the SmartApp I see an error message, “We’re having trouble connecting. Check your network connection and try again.”

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Sure PetCare (Connect) SmartApp in ST with the same results. I have looked through the threads in this topic, but I don’t see where anyone else is having this problem.


@Alyc100 Came across this release today as I’m keen on support for the feeder and even more so the Felaqua Connect water dispenser. Is that support something you are looking at for your package. It’s already awesome if it still works and support the flaps, but yes :slight_smile:

Also noticed some talk about @JB27 Alexa support which definitively sound interesting as well, is that an extension to this package and/or is it a fork of this with improvements?

Hi Mark,
I didn’t quite understand. Do we need the sureflap hub and also a SmartThings hub or can the cat doors be used with just the SmartThings hub?
Thanks for your help.

Hi tere. I installed smartapp and handlers, but I can’t see the smartapp in the mobile app? Any hints, please?

I understand from other posts that the SmartThings Mobile App has been ‘updated’ on a regional basis, & in some areas the Smartapp option has been removed. Which would render this project obsolete…

Where do you install this? My first time trying to use smartthings.

I thought I was going made. Couldn’t see the option, and can’t find developer mode.

I Believe you will still be able to use it without a region lock, but you now have to do two things:

One) enable developer mode and
Two) find it under the Discover tab.

See the following FAQ:

FAQ: Did we lose the ability to add custom smartapps after the app update of June 2021?

All of that said, smartthings is intending to discontinue the Samsung hosted Groovy cloud soon, so all custom smartapps will have to be rewritten or moved to a customer hosted server. :disappointed_relieved: and all custom DTHs Will have to be rewritten.

Hi, thanks for the great work.
How do i lock the door to keep my cat outside???
She always brings prey in the Night.
Thais why i need this „Predator“-Mode.
No worries she can sleep in the warm Garage.

Id really appreciate some help with the Alexa skill part please! Got the smart app working OK but it’s all about the Alexa integration and I’m pretty clueless with that side.