PetSafe Pet Door and SmartThings

I have been looking for an automatic dog door that I can add to Smartthings. Petsafe makes a door that responds to an RFID tag and Lowes is selling it as compatible with Iris. Here is the video showing the integration I am interested in buying one of these doors and using it with SmartThings. I am wondering what it would take to write an app to control the door so that I can get alerts when my dog enters or leaves and be able to schedule times that I want it to stay shut.

Any thoughts from other forum members or the SmartThings team? Using the presence tag only solves half of what I am looking to do.

Comments to the youtube video are consistent with the results of my googling: it doesn’t look like you can actually buy the Iris-enabled door anywhere.

Quirky is working on a project like this.

they have a couple pet related items/feeders which can be controlled remotely.

theres also some other great new gadgets like ifetch , another one where u can webcam with dog and releease a treat/speak to dog (forget name of product)

Has anyone found a SmartThings integrated/compatible pet door on the market? Integration through IFTTT would work too.

Here’s what I want to do: I have a connected smoke alarm, so what I want is a doggy door that I can set to open automatically if the smoke alarm goes off, giving our 3 pets an escape route in the case of a fire when we are not home.

My friend’s neighbor’s house burned down this morning, noone was home, and the dogs were in the house. Hearing about it immediately motivated me to look for a way to give our pets an escape route. I recognize it’s unwise to rely on new tech for safety, but in this case it’s either new tech or nothing at all; I’d rather have the former.

I scrolled the above and a few other topics on pet doors so far, and haven’t had much luck. I don’t have the skills to setup the DIY models people have put together, and the one I found mentioned, the Iris, is no longer available. The link to a Quirky page is now a 404.

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We need for this door to be operated remotely and scheduled to do the same thing… Iris by Lowes had this available in V1 and then they took away the ability for it to open when the smoke alarms went off… that really sent me through the roof… and Lowes gave me $300 for the issue but I could still use it to open it and close the dog door remotely – thus, allowing me to use the door to control what dogs were in or out… for their safety…it is very much needed and if more people knew about this use, would be very valuable to dog owners – but for some reason this device has had little attention. Just the trigger to open the door when the smoke alarms go off is huge… and has utility – more so than stupid colorful lights… imo… anyway, since Lowes is shutting down the Iris platform many of us are scrambling to find a solution for this dog door and wish someone would help us. I am checking on Hubitat also.

the vendor (petsafe) sells it I bought/installed mine about a couple months ago - the model is in one of the comments in this site - had posted details of it here but not seening them yet