Pet Device?

We just got a new puppy. Wondering what device(s) people are using for their pets?

Haven’t integrated this yet, but it’s in the to-do/wish list

@the2352 I believe if you go here there is an app done by @Sticks18.

I use a basic presence sensor to ensure my puppy never got away, and notify me if it did! :slight_smile:

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I also used this DIY pressure sensor to alert me if my dog gets on our furniture…


Are there any devices that have GPS tracking that will work with ST?

There are a number of GPS devices for pets on the market. If they integrate with IFTTT or with Life360, then you have a chance that they’ll integrate with SmartThings, at least as a presence indicator.

If the device can trigger text messages or email, you may also be able to integrate that way. But you’ll still have to pay the device’s monthly subscription fee if there is one.

Or you could give your dog her own phone like the following blogger did :wink: