[RELEASE] Smart Vent Manager - smartapp commissioned by Keen Home

thank you. I am having trouble reaching your site to download. Is it down? Tried 3 times today.

No, it’s not down… I had several orders today that went through…


Hi, I corrected the link. Somehow, there was an issue with it.


I bought it. The problem seems to be browser specific. (not sure why) The link doesn’t work for chrome. But worked for microsoft edge.

Hi, If you try your vents under ST, make sure to install one of the DTHs (Device Type Handler) that I posted at the top of the thread.

When I was in the Keen Beta, I modified the stock DTH to poll every 10 minutes instead of every minute by default. This significantly reduces the load on the ST platform (by a factor of 10) and save your vents’ batteries.


I have been using this for awhile and it seems to be working well, question is how does this compare to the new Ecobee3 integration they recently released?

I don’t have a Keen hub, so I know I would need one if I wanted to go with their app.



Refer to my previous post.

My zoned Heating/Cooling solutions have been compared to the latest ecobee3-Keen integration, and it looks like a lot of people prefer my zoned Heating/Cooling smartapps as they offer way more options.

Refer to some testimonials here:

My Zoned Heating/Cooling Solutions are available at my store:


I’ve installed your smartapp as well as the smartapp for a nest thermostat. I just purchased 4 Keen vents. 2 for master bedroom and 2 for the living room.

What I need is for the bedroom to be colder at night. This is easily accomplished manually by opening my bedroom vents and closing the living room vents. How can I do this with your app, based on the mode the Nest is in? I’m willing to pay for your app if needed, jus not sure which one is needed.

The other part I question, if I have the temperature on my Nest set to 67 degrees and your app controls the vents to get the bedroom to this temperature by closing the living room vents and opening the bedroom vents, the nest will think it is still hotter than 67 degrees, since it is located in the living room as well, and will continue ruining the AC, will it not?

Hi @DomSim,

I already responded to you by email. Your requirements are not totally clear to me, but it looks like you want to set up some room’s ambient cooling & heating thresholds and have different schedules (day, night).

If so, then ScheduleRoomTempControl is the best app for the above use case and it’s available at my store.

For more details, refer to the ST community wiki:



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@yvesracine I have 3 vents in rooms that have an external temperature sensor and I am happy with how they are working with your app, I am thinking about getting some more for other rooms that do not have an external temp sensor, how do the vents adjust for this? I do have a connected thermostat that is down stairs while the vents ill be adding are upstairs.

Hi, I’d recommend an external temp sensor for each room otherwise the results are not predictable.

There are some cheap options out there, ex. Xiaomi, and to a lesser degree the Iris 2nd generation Motion/temp sensors (the latter are more reliable).

Do a search in the ST community forum .


Thanks I figured that, but what temp do the vents respond to? The thermostat temp, the internal vent temp or something else. Mostly just a curiosity question.

If no temp sensors are provided, the thermostat’s temp is used.


Thanks, that will probably work for one of my rooms because I essentially want it open when the AC is on and closed when the Heat is on, I’ll just put the temp real low.

I love this app :slight_smile: one thing I have noticed is the vent never closes. I have enabled it to disregard safeguards and close vent fully. It always stays at 5-10% open. Here’s my use case:
I have a server room. I want it to open the AC vent when temperature exceeds 80 degrees. Usually the room is between 70-75’. Am I wrong in thinking that if it’s 70’ the vent should be closed? Or will this app keep adjusting the vent to ensure it never gets above my target 80 temp? Also, my concern is during winter, the vent may think I’m trying to heat the room to 80 and keep the vent open… Really, I just want this vent to simply open if it goes above 80’.


As indicated in this thread, SmartVentManager is a basic smartapp to control your vents based on single temp threshold. Depending on the thermostat’s mode and the threshold specified, it will open or close your vents. Please refer list of features at the beginning of this thread for more details:

If you need to control your vents based on 2 different thresholds (one for cooling, another one for heating) or you want to schedule your thermostat’s setpoints in conjunction with your vents, please consider the paid apps at my store.



I was using the smartapp, but I have since switched to just using NST Manager. This had nothing to do with the smartapp, which is excellent. I just no longer needed all the functionality and was able to set up a simpler automation with NST Manager and the built in SmartThings automations.

OK, I understand that you don’t have smart vents anymore hence the change…Am I right?

I still have Smart Vents. I just use the built in functionality of the
SmartThings app to control them.

You mean manually controlling the vent through the DTH?