[RELEASE] Smart Vent Manager - smartapp commissioned by Keen Home

No, via the automations in SmartThings

You mean SmartLighting? You know that there is no safeguards (as opposed to my smartapp) if you do so…

I never had any use for the safeguards because I have a large main vent
that isn’t a smart vent and it cannot be closed. So the vents are never in
danger of building up pressure. Plus, with my current configuration, one
zone has vents that are always open and one zone has closed vents.

I have installed the app but the automation does not seem to be working. Using NEST with NST Manager, thermostat is configured and can be controlled through ST. I have an in-room motion sensor w/ temp sensor, and using that to control the vent - but it doesn’t work. I set the temp threshold to 75, as I write this my heat is turned on, and my motion/temp sensor lists temperature at 77, so the vent should be closed, but it’s not. Any thoughts?


As indicated in the 1st post of this thread (in the prerequisites), the ST thermostat to be used needs to apply the ST standard capabilities. NST manager is not following them, so this basic smartapp cannot handle it well.

However, I made some changes to ScheduleTstatZones & ScheduleRoomTempControl (paid apps at my store) to work around those NST limitations. I’d recommend the latter if you want to define some room temp thresholds.


The only issue that I’m aware is that there are some errors in the logs when I try to get the setpoints from NST thermostat. As the NST thermostat obfuscates either the heating or the cooling setpoint depending on the thermostat’s mode, this generate some errors in the logs sometimes.

I’ve already submitted this issue to the NST authors, but they don’t seem to be able to solve this DTH issue.


New vent DTH compatible with my zoned heating/cooling solutions:

I noticed my Vent manager app quit changing my vents, it looks like it’s been like that for at least a week. Honeywell/smartthings also updated the device handler for the thermostat not too long ago, this may have something to do with it. Are you aware of this issue? If so can it be fixed?

Hi @danjp, you’d need first to check if your DTH is still operational. Can you refresh the values in the UI by pressing the “refresh” tile?

If not, you may have lost your auth tokens. I know that Honewell is quite stringent when it comes to not polling their servers too often. There are many posts about this Honeywell issue.

As indicated at the 1st post of this thread, my smartapp was designed to follow the ST thermostat capabilities (thermostatOperatingState, thermostatCoolingSetpoint/thermostatHeatingSetpoint, thermostatMode).

As long as your DTH follows the ST standard capabilities & attributes, it should work.


I use this DTH

I want to know why I cant see on right side OPEN and CLOSED only WHITE or BOX.

Hi, just use the second DTH posted in the 1st thread. It’s has been designed upon a multi-tile format and does not have this UI issue (the bug was introduced by ST since the latest mobile app release).



Thanks for all your hard work integrating the keen smart vent with smart things. I was wondering is that a way to have the vents close when ecobee is set to heat and open a certain % when ecobee is set to cool. I would really appreciate it thank you.

Hi, see my previous post,

For this kind of features, you’d need to contribute to ScheduleRoomTempControl at my store:

Thanks for your quick reply, so the ScheduleRoomTempControl will allow me to program the vent to close when ecobee is set to heat and open when set to cool?

I do this for some of my vents upstairs, I use the thermostat as the temp sensor and just set the temp threshold to 55F, and the actions work just as you describe.

Hi, ScheduleRoomTempControl can schedule your vents opening and closing and control the vents based on the cooling/heating setpoints.

For more details, refer to the ST community wiki:


There is also ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule with even more features depending on your use cases (check out the configuration section) :


This last smartapp has been designed specifically for the ecobee thermostats (it requires My ecobee DTH) which is the most advanced ST-ecobee Integration and the smartest thermostat under ST:


Hi Dan, what app do you use to do this? Thank you

The Keen smart vent manager smart app that’s in the first post

So I did what you said and set the threshold to 55 degrees, and it does close when I set the heater on but the problem I am facing is that when the thermostat is set back to cool the vents stay closed :confused:

Thank you!

Is the AC actually coming on? The vents do not actually adjust unless the AC or heater is running not just the thermostat being set to heat or cool.


Please refer to the 1st post for the prerequisites and features of this basic smartapp.

EDIT: BTW, my paid smartapps can let you adjust the vents every 5 minutes if needed.