[DEPRECIATED] [Beta] Samsung Audio including TTS with Voices

worked, but than it stopped. I’m going to troubleshoot some more today.

I had problems earlier today. Appears OK now. Do NOT know why.

I am also working on the code to make it ‘more better’ (intentional bad English). Any comments?

Before it stopped working i was working on a webcore script. I wasn’t use if I should add code to turn on the soundbar and set it to WiFi or if the Text command would automatically do all those steps. Also on the Text command in webcore it gives an optional field for volume but even when I put in interger in there it doesn’t show in the code. That’s what I was working on before it stopped sending the TTS request to voice RSS, I pin pointed that problem by using the statistic view over in the voice RSS site and it hasn’t received any in days which corresponds with the speaker now working. In Samsung log it does show interaction with webcore commands.

i. Speaking to the RSS site is working again (today). I tested it.

  1. For the Soundbar, you only need the playTextAndResume or playTextAndRestore command. No other commands are necessary, and setting to wifi is actually counter-productive.

  2. The volume parameter should work and be sent to the device handler.

  3. The DH Design in this area should do the following (without your intervention):

    a. Turn the speaker on (if off).
    b. Remember the current Content Player and/or the current input source.
    c. Play the Text.
    d. Restore the previous source and volume.
    e. Restart the player (if command was playTextAndResume).

For my testing, I used the smartApp on the GitHub site. It uses the commands as specified above and worked great. Should work same for WebCore.

I am still refining; however, it should and did work in the handler you have.


should I reinstall the DH and APP?

If you installed the test package, no. Do not forget installing the voice And RSS key.

You can test the capability outside of WebCore using the provided smartapp.

Hoping you can help me with the error I’m receiving when I attempt to Save after selecting my found speakers. Some probelm with Device Network ID.

grails.validation.ValidationException: Validation Error(s) occurred during save():
  • Field error in object ‘physicalgraph.device.Device’ on field ‘deviceNetworkId’: rejected value [5C497D80FD9E]; codes [physicalgraph.device.Device.deviceNetworkId.unique.error.physicalgraph.device.Device.deviceNetworkId,physicalgraph.device.Device.deviceNetworkId.unique.error.deviceNetworkId,physicalgraph.device.Device.deviceNetworkId.unique.error.java.lang.String,physicalgraph.device.Device.deviceNetworkId.unique.error,device.deviceNetworkId.unique.error.physicalgraph.device.Device.deviceNetworkId,device.deviceNetworkId.unique.error.deviceNetworkId,device.deviceNetworkId.unique.error.java.lang.String,device.deviceNetworkId.unique.error,physicalgraph.device.Device.deviceNetworkId.unique.physicalgraph.device.Device.deviceNetworkId,physicalgraph.device.Device.deviceNetworkId.unique.deviceNetworkId,physicalgraph.device.Device.deviceNetworkId.unique.java.lang.String,physicalgraph.device.Device.deviceNetworkId.unique,device.deviceNetworkId.unique.physicalgraph.device.Device.deviceNetworkId,device.deviceNetworkId.unique.deviceNetworkId,device.deviceNetworkId.unique.java.lang.String,device.deviceNetworkId.unique,unique.physicalgraph.device.Device.deviceNetworkId,unique.deviceNetworkId,unique.java.lang.String,unique]; arguments [deviceNetworkId,class physicalgraph.device.Device,5C497D80FD9E]; default message [{0} must be unique]
    @line 252 (doCall)

You must change the DNI of the LAN SamsungAudio speaker prior to installing this driver. What model is your speaker?

Thank you for the reply Dave. I have a R1 and R3 speaker. The Device Network IDs (DNI) are currently their MAC addresses, so I need to change from something unique to something I make up?

Thank you again Dave, I did see that in your earlier post, after I posted, sorry about that.
So the R3 is working fine as a separate speaker, but I can’t group the R1 and R3 successfully. I get it all setup in Multiroom, can control the speaker volumes separately, but I can’t create a group, and when I attempt to play something from Soundbar app I knock one of them off and then can’t control it until I quit both Soundbar app and Multiroom.

Also, from your examples, I thought I would see the track playing. I only see “AmazonPrime” or “iHeartRadio,” so I looked at the log and saw the track info, but it doesn’t post to the smartapp:

b216752a-7b8a-4174-8d07-3b034433119e 11:16:28 PM: info z Garage (Samsung R3)_schedSetTrackDescription: Track Description will update in 158 seconds
b216752a-7b8a-4174-8d07-3b034433119e 11:16:23 PM: info z Garage (Samsung R3)__generalResponse_RadioInfo: Updated trackdescription to AmazonPrime
Bebe Rexha feat. Florida Georgia Line
Meant to Be (feat. Florida Georgia Line)

Some notes:

a. Groups. For groups to work, you have to have the “LAN SamsungAudio” device installed for each speaker with the DNI changed, then the Speaker device handler with the “real” dni. I fix this in the next version; however, the short is that there is one response from the speaker that is not received otherwise.

b. Groups. To play music in a group from the Soundbar integration, you need to play only from the Group MASTER device. Otherwise, the speaker will exit the group and play the music alone. Sound familiar.

c. Marquee. I do not know why it is not moving. Check exiting the device detail page then returning. The logs indicate proper operation. Just rechecked with below results.

I am updating the Device Handler / Service Manager now. I will add code to not all playing a station if the speaker is the sub-speaker (at least) with an error message. This is a major update, so it will take a week or so (I am adding text notification and cleaning up audio notification).

If you continue to having grouping problems, logs would be helpful. Or, what is the error message on the display (if any).


8837d6d0-5c84-42ce-9759-2d4875e11b9e 9:40:20 AM: debug Speaker Left_schedSetTrackDescription: Track Description will update in 137 seconds

8837d6d0-5c84-42ce-9759-2d4875e11b9e 9:40:14 AM: debug Speaker Left__generalResponse_RadioInfo: Updated trackDesciption to AmazonPrime
Bebe Rexha feat. Florida Georgia Line
Meant to Be (feat. Florida Georgia Line)

a. I did have both installed with Lan SamsungAudio. I was able to group by creating in the R3 LAN SamsungAudio device, not the R1 (which is the first one I worked with).
b. Understood, not a problem.
c. Yea still never see the track info. I moved to my iPad to rule out my iPhone 6. Hmm, could it be a configuration in font or screen? I just changed to smaller font, still only see “AmazonPrime” of what I’m assuming from log is; Bar Music track description is AmazonPrime Brett Young In Case You Didn’t Know"

I will run the logs, I was playing with it early this morning and didn’t see any errors or strange things. But I will run the logs again and share. Thanks so much for your efforts on this, this is really what I was looking for with an integration with ST.


is there any way too get a spotify playlist as a preset?

Try it. If not, I will need some data to set up. If you can help get the data. I will tell you what I need.

Did some more investigation this AM on Spotify. Spotify uses Bonjour to control the speaker from the Spotify Application. The speaker itself does not have a control API with Spotify; therefore, there is no way to create and control presets for Spotify. (This is the same as for the Multiroom App).

Thats a shame, tnx anyways.


The next update is available. Unfortunately, it requires a complete re-installation of the device handler. See the top of this forum for instructions and locations.

Features Added:
a. Text-to-Speech support for all speakers and soundbars.
b. Text-to-Speech with user-selected voices for all speakers and pre-2016 soundbars ((not available for HW-MSXXXX soundbars).

Bugs fixed:
a. Now can control non-HW-MSXXXX series soundbars.
b. Various performance improvements.

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sweet! Thank You

Just had a major breakthrough. Just found the command to play the Audio Notification for the speakers. Results will be no need for surrogate speakers. The code is complete and baseline update will be in the next several days.


  1. No surrogate speakers (only one device per speaker)
  2. For speakers and legacy soundbars, using the same TTS voice as the official integration.
  3. For SoundPlus soundbars, have to get a key from another service. Key is FREE.
  4. Anticipate ability to play any URL to the speakers in the future.


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This thread is being retired. Too much data is not applicable to the final product.

The final product can be located at: