[RELEASE] Run Routine at specific time

Run a specific Routine at a specified time.


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Sorry, I’m confused. Routines already have the ability to run at a specific time built into the official features :

How does yours differ?

Also, have you had a chance to look at core? It’s a very sophisticated rules engine and it covers all kinds of trigger variations: ( this is a clickable link)

Maybe with this app when you say 6PM it means 6PM for sure, not just maybe like ST.

For some people CoRE is too cool located and for simple stuff like this a purpose built app is perfect.

I’m not sure why but if I set routines to run a specific times all of my actions don’t always run. Locks don’t lock, switchs don’t turn off, stuff like that. But if I trigger the routine this way it’s been rock solid. Everything executes.

You can also trigger one routine with multiple time points by duplicating the smartapps. At some point I plan to build in multiple time triggers into the app.

CoRE is a beast. It’s a little too daunting for my use case, which is quite simple.

Is my little smartapp duplicating efforts of Others? Absolutely. It’s also very small and specific and fills my use case nicely. Thought I’d share if anyone else had the same use case


If it’s still running a routine, it’s still dependent on the platform, it shouldn’t add any additional reliability.

The people who’ve added additional reliability aren’t using routines at all.

As far as Core being complicated, yes it is, but there are lots of people to help, and the OP had said in another thread that they were interested in adding a variety of triggers, all of which appeared to already exist in core. So I just wasn’t sure if they were aware of that option. :sunglasses:

I am aware of CoRE I’m just terrified of its complexity. Some point in the future I’ll probably move over to it. Probably when I get sick of using my little smartapp Band-Aids

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