[RELEASE] Rental Lock Automater - Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, TripAdvisor, Booking, Expedia

Hey everyone - I’m the founder of Enso Connect; we work with Hospitable, and can provide the connection as well for this SmartThings issue you might be facing; alongside other functionalities, if this helps!

@Angell_T : Since Hospitable and Enso Connect use the same partner for IoT connection; our platforms do not overwrite existing codes; you can generate unique access codes based on check-in/check-out automatically for each reservation; create codes (within Enso and / or apps like SLGA).

@vtbears: you can use platforms like hospitable and Enso alongside other PMS systems / channel managers. Hospitable has now become a PMS and have their own direct integrations to certain channels, but you can also use them alongside another PMS. Enso Connect integrates with your PMS directly and does purely guest experience (smart locks, verification, upsells…).

Let me know if there are other questions I can answer - Smart locks for vacation rentals and boutique hotels

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Does Enso Connect have the option to create teams and push codes out to multiple properties?

(i.e. Cleaning Team 1 goes to House A / B and F)
(i.e. Inspection Team goes to House A / B / C / D / E / F)
(i.e. Cleaning Team 2 goes to House C / D / E)

Hospitable doesn’t have that feature yet and with so many properties we need a stop gap ASAP.

Does Enso Connect have a way to control Z-Wave locks? I have many places with Schlage FE599NX Lever Locks (great for cold weather since they are z-wave and use very little energy to lock/unlock compared with a deadbolt) currently controlled by SmartThings v3 hubs. It’s not immediately clear from the site what method of control you use.

Yes, they use the same IoT API provider. GetSeam.com. The question is how robust is their dashboard and iCal (or OwnerRez) integrations.

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With Enso Connect: Codes are automatically generated for guests at booking confirmation and send via message or through our Boarding Pass feature after they’ve gone through verification and have access to their check-in steps.

You can also currently create temporary or permanent codes for your team (however we don’t have the ability to name the code or automatically send it to your team (except via webhook) - that’s coming out very soon).

With this temporary or permanent code, you can:
Create a Temporary/Permanent code for Person 1 that is the same for Property A / B and F
Create a temporary/Permanent code for Person 2 that is the same for Property A / B / C / D / E / F
Create a temporary/Permanent code for Person 3 that is the same for Property C / D / E / F

Our new smart lock dashboard is coming out soon:

Great feedback @vtbears - I’ll get my team to be more specific on the website. Yes, we can connect with all of the smart locks provided by our partner; as @buster mentioned: seam.co

This includes the Schlage FE599NX.


Hospitable (via seam) is correctly setting my locks via Smartthings. I have mine set to program 24 hrs ahead of time but it looks like Hospitable also checks 20 min before check in and sets it again if the code is missing.

I still really miss the ability to run routines based on checkin/out but this will do for now.

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Now that SLGA appears to be broken as well, I’m starting to use Aurmur (Aurmur.com). It has most of the critical functionality I need for sending codes for Airbnb and Vrbo listings, and integrates with OwnerRez (the PMS that I plan to switch to).

Their API interface to SmartThings seems to be working while SLGA is not.

I’ve communicated with the founder and understand that while they see a shift to more low-energy-wifi controlled systems, they “plan to continue support for existing locks indefinitely.”

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Does Aurmur have “instant check in” so if a guest arrives early, and you want to let them in you can push the code ASAP? We get a lot of people who we want to let in early.

I’m just starting to work with it, so I’ll have better answers later. You can manually push a code (which led to confirmation within about a minute), and interestingly, you set the activate/deactivate times for each listing (rather than it just using the times it pulls from a booking). This is actually a behavior I prefer, as we try to have bookings ready early regularly, and guests really don’t appreciate a code being deactivated the second their booking ends (there’s always something someone forgot inside).

SLGA is working again for me :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just in case anyone else runs into the same issue… If you try to create a code for a name in SLGA where the code already exists under another name, creating the new name and code will fail with the message “Deleted ”.

I’m trying out Aurmur as an alternative and will report back on my experience.

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I am interested in how Aurmur works for you. I don’t have the time to try it out, at the moment. Maybe I’m just hoping against hope that RLA will work again soon?
I don’t know if Aurmur does this, but what I most liked about RLA was how I could change property location modes based on checkins and checkouts (ex. change mode to Occupied, and then change to Vacant). These modes trigger other smartthings automations.
Please come back, RLA! :slight_smile:


I’m longing for the return of RLA too!
Too early to judge Aurmur, initial impressions are it could be highly functional but isn’t the most straightforward to set up.

I’m testing Aurmur now, but can’t see an option to link it to OwnerRez?

Any chance you could make this a Progressive Web App so it looks a little cleaner and can be added to the homescreen/desktop as an app?

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As far as Ownerrez goes, RLA didn’t actually integrate with it. Rather, I simple used the Ownerrez ical link and it worked like a charm. If Aurmur can accept the Ownerrez ical link it should be able to handle Ownerrez bookings.

I think there is more to it with how RLA worked with OwnerRez, behind the scenes.

Waiting for RLA to return! hope it comes back soon.

Login to the website and you can import iCal links on Aurmur, then it should work with OwnerRez.